Spooky Mirror

Hello, all!  I’ve just completed a fun mirror project for Halloween that turned out… okay.  It was very fussy and difficult, but I’ve gotten good feedback on it, so I thought I would share.  As most things do, it all started with Pinterest.  I found some creepy-cool mirrors that I thought looked so awesome for Halloween.  So, I had my sister find me a mirror, grabbed Bellatrix off of the internet images page, and got to work.

That’s where it fell apart.  Well, technically, the problem was that it WOULDN’T fall apart.  The darn mirror was just too well made!  The backing was completely sealed onto the mirror.  And once I elbow-greased my way through that, the actual mirror layer was… so… so… difficult to get through.  In the end it turned out well enough, though.

The way it is SUPPOSED to work, is you print out a spooky photo, easily take the mirror out of the frame, use some sand paper to take out the mirror layer, insert spooky picture, replace mirror, hang, done.  Easy-peasy, right?  Sure.  Ahem.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Baby Steps

Things have been hard since my dad passed away.  But as he said, “Life is for the Living”, and boy, does it keep going whether you are grieving or not. Let me give you an update on life…

Since Dad’s passing, Abbey (who seems determined to give me a nervous breakdown) ate a box of raisins, which is toxic to dogs.  Like… the vet told me to get in there immediately and asked if I lived close when I called to inquire.  She spent three days in the “hospital” getting her stomach pumped, charcoal administered, and levels monitored.  She came out of it unscathed, thank God, but it was an ordeal. Since then, she has developed some growths on her gums that we are getting checked out tomorrow.  (Not so Fun Fact, one of the possible causes, according to Dr. Google, is Multiple Myeloma for dogs.  Are you f*cking kidding me???)


I’m totally chill about costing you $720… those raisins were delish and totally worth it.


Harlow started cheerleading and first grade.  Cheerleading is two days a week, an hour and a half long practice and then games on Saturdays.  It is… a lot.  Oh, and I’m coaching her squad!  Our last game day lasted three. hours.  And as always with school of any kind, it has been a struggle and an adjustment.  She just doesn’t love school…  She also doesn’t love being separated from me.  She’s getting used to it again, though.


My husband’s job has gone through a shift, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) he’ll be spending a lot more time at home!  Like, instead of working 80 hours a week, maybe 50!  It might be a slow transition getting there, but the light is on the horizon!

As for me, I’m just here.  I’ve tried to get some crafting in, but I haven’t done a ton.  I revamped an old chair (the one I used for Yvonne’s senior photos), made Harlow’s 1st Day of School sign, and a card for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.  Oh, and a TON of weeding, because yardwork sucks.  Other than that, I’ve just been trying to play catchup on things after summer break.  Tossing stuff, cleaning stuff, etc.  Life goes on, even if your heart is breaking and you have to stop in the middle of filling out school paperwork and sob in the bathroom because your dad is listed as an emergency contact on the form.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Life is for the Living, but sometimes it’s hard to put that into practice.  But I’m trying.  Baby Steps.


I hope you all have a blissful week.  I plan on being back around a lot more, with more crafts and recipes, including a slow cooker corn chowder recipe I’m planning for tonight!


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Saying Goodbye


About two months ago, I sat down and wrote out my dad’s journey with Multiple Myloma.  I wrote about his diagnosis, his struggle, his story, and how grateful I was to be celebrating his 75th birthday when just a couple of years ago we believed we were going to lose him.

Then I deleted the entry, because my dad has always been a very private man, and it wasn’t my place to lay it all out for the world to see.

Less than two months later, I stood with family around his hospital bed while he took his final breath.  His passing was “unexpectedly expected”.  He was doing so well for so long… until he suddenly wasn’t.  The downward spiral was rapid.  I am heartbroken.  I am lost.  I am angry.  I can’t believe that such a huge personality, such a strong, good human being, such an amazing life is just… gone.  I know he is in a better place, reunited with my mom, his parents, and so many other friends and family that have gone before him.  I know he’s no longer suffering, no longer sick, no longer struggling, but it is so hard.  I don’t have any more words.  I just miss my dad.

Dad Obituary

Erma Bombeck

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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us, and (like everything I post on here) I have a last minute idea for a father’s day card for your loved one!  I downloaded this cute FREE(!) SVG file to make a card for my husband from this site.

I used the wood-grain paper I had leftover from my failed Barbie closet, and a nice, textured white cardstock to make it “pop”.  I think it turned out really nice, for a construction-themed card!  I used the dimensions from another card I had made in the past to get the sizes right and make the envelope.


Happy Father’s Day!

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And then it was done.

I guess it has been a minute since I last posted.  I didn’t mean to step away for this long… life has just been super crazy and I’m the worst at time management.  Last time I was on here, I was preparing for Easter.  Since then, I’ve been helping my sister plan my nephew’s graduation party, pulling approximately 100,000 weeds out of our never-ending gardens, saving toads, killing ants, helping out at Harlow’s school, ignoring housework, and buying furniture, with just a touch of crafting sprinkled in there.  In short, looking back over the time since I last posted, it is a big old blur.  I will post a few things I’ve made, and as always, if you see something you like, drop me a line, and I’d love to work with you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But the main reason I’m posting today, is that it is my baby girl’s last day of kindergarten.  In some ways, it was a long, long year.  In other ways, it was the slightest blink of the eye.  She’s had a great, but sometimes difficult, year.  She’s grown in ways I never could have imagined.  I’m so my proud of this little girl, and so excited to see what our summer will bring!  It is her first summer out of daycare, and my first summer “off” since I was 18!  Get ready Lake Michigan, here we come!  We also have a lot of activities planned to keep us at least somewhat busy… volleyball camp, cheerleading camp, swimming classes, gymnastics, and a pottery day class, among other things.  I’ll also try to get back into the swing of things with crafting and posting more, too, but… life.  We’ll see.


Don’t mind the dog hair. 

Have a great weekend!

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Easter Basket for a 6 Year Old

I’m one of “those moms” who doesn’t love giving her kid tons of candy.  I’m really lucky in that Harlow never really developed a taste for sweets, anyway.  She’ll scrape the frosting off a cupcake and eat three small bites, then be finished!  Even during Halloween, she loves the thrill of the hunt, and I end up putting one or two small pieces of candy in her school lunches for a few days, but eventually, I end up eating most of the candy.  #momsacrifices

So what do you put in Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets if you can’t/don’t want to load them with candy?  Here’s what the Easter Bunny is bringing this year:


I grabbed a 100pc puzzle from the Dollar Tree, and put a few pieces in each egg (but you could EASILY make that the entire hunt by putting fewer pieces in each egg!).  That took care of about 20 eggs.  For the other 10, I put non-candy treats such as Play-Doh eggs, small toys (such as a bouncy ball), jewelry, and coins.

For the actual basket, this year Harlow will be getting:

  • two pairs of bunny ears
  • two bunny pens
  • a pair of cloth fairy wings (similar to this, but much cheaper from Walmart)
  • two suckers (pretty much the only candy she loves, and the bunny nose is hilarious!)
  • lip balm
  • bunny socks
  • a new kite
  • nail stickers
  • a bunny cup
  • stuffed bunny
  • lotion
  • carrot erasers
  • knee/elbow/hand pads (replacements for the ones she’s worn out)


Everything in her basket, with the exception of the safety pads, were $3 or less.  I bought most things either at the Dollar Tree, Target’s Dollar Spot, or the local grocery stores at their rotating holiday section.  I really wanted to add some gardening stuff, since we are trying to start a garden this year, but I ran out of space!

I really wish I had done a post like this every year.  I know last year, most, if not all, of her eggs contained Barbie accessories – shoes, jewelry, etc.  Her basket is a complete blank to me.  I did, however, do a post on her basket from when she was two, if you’re in that demographic now!  It was so much simpler back then!  We didn’t need to fill the eggs – the hunt was enough for her!  This is such a fun age, though.

The below photo was 2017, age 4…  I don’t believe I started filling the eggs until last year for the egg hunt.


Looks like a bunch of Barbie stuff, doll clothes, and socks?


What do you put in your Easter eggs and baskets?


Happy Easter!


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After the Party

Well, the party is over.  The actual birthday is over.  My house is a disaster.  My craft room looks like a tornado hit it.  Any sane person would take a few days and clean everything up and relax a little after all the meticulous crafting and planning and worrying over every little detail.

I am not a sane person.

I am a person that is blatantly ignoring the filth around her and already obsessing over NEXT year’s birthday party.  Yes, I already have a plan and have been pinning like a fiend.  If only I could use my obsessive personality for productive things like cleaning or cooking or yardwork or business ventures.  Le sigh.  20190326_124325Today my focus has been on Easter.  When I get an idea in my mind, if I can’t get to it right away, it just festers and pops up at really annoying times, like when I wake up at 2am to help Harlow go potty and can’t get back to sleep.  So, today I finally got one of those ideas out of my brain so I can rest!  Harlow will never deign to wear a t-shirt (the horror!) so I have no idea what to do with this, but I had to make it.  I love how it turned out!  I even made a sweet, simple little mug on a whim.  So cute.



Next up is taking down our St. Patrick’s day decorations and replacing them with ALL THE EASTER!!!  Eggcellent!  Sorry.

Have a great Tuesday!

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