Thought I’d start with a little introduction!  I’m Monica.

Thanks for stopping by!

I am from Michigan, am in my mid-30’s, and a new-ish Mom.  Harlow (commonly referred to as Bean or The Bean) is 15 months old.


I’ve been married for over a decade to the hardest working man I’ve ever known, and my perfect match.  He’s pretty great, actually.


I’m also Mom to a 4 year old Fur Baby, Abbey (commonly referred to as Abbey Cakes or Cakes).

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She and Harlow are slooooowly becoming best friends.


I am starting this blog for two main reasons.  First, to hold myself accountable and get myself back into a recognizable lifestyle, health and fitness-wise.  Second, to give myself a creative outlet.  I will be posting photos, things that interest me, maybe some crafts…  Who knows?  We’ll find out together!

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