15 Months


I can’t believe my little Bean is 15 months old!  We had her checkup today (including 3 pokes) and everything is looking great!

Harlow at 15 months:

18lbs, 14oz (17th percentile), and 30 3/4 inches long (53rd percentile).  She’s such a petite little thing, but it runs in the family (not me… I was always the tallest in my preschool-elementary classes by a full head!).  The doc says she looks super healthy and great!

She says Hi, Bye-bye, No!, Uh-Oh, Abbey (Abba), Hello (How?), Duck, All Done, Mama, Dada, and Up. (I might be forgetting some?)

She knows the signs for More, Milk, All Done, Please, and Eat.

Dancing and smiling are her favorite!  She follows simple commands like a champ!  She’s basically just super amazing.  🙂

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