What Happened Weekend {6/28-29/14}

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was filled with some super highs and some blechy lows.

First up, on Saturday, I left The Bean at home and for the first time since having her, I went solo to brunch and for a pedicure with a gal pal.  It was awesome, ya’ll! IMAG1144

(The Phoenix’s Huevos Rancheros & my first Soy Chai Latte in TWO YEARS!!!)

I’ll spare you photos of my toes, but I got a super cute flower design on one of my green toes!  (Um, my polish is green, not my actual toes…)

Sunday was a birthday party for my father in law.  He got a really neat-o hat that The Bean and I both had to try on.  Notice Harlow launching herself away from me…


We put Harlow’s jammies on before leaving and left around her bedtime.  When we got home, I transferred her from carseat  to crib without a hitch.  About an hour later she woke up screaming, and didn’t stop until about 5am.  Since she had her 15 month vaccinations of Friday, I was worried that she was having some sort of crazy reaction, especially because of the high temps and rash that popped up.

Nope (thank God!), just an ultra-glamorous virus called Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.  Poor babe was just in pain, and there is nothing we can do but let it run its course.  Chris (aka The Hubs, aka H’s Dad) stayed home with her today and says she’s acting fine, so hopefully even though we have to keep her out of daycare for the rest of the week, the worst of it is over.

Let me just tell you, kittens, I am one tired mamma today.  I slept a chopped up 3 hours last night.  Here’s hoping tonight is better!

I have some other posts in the works regarding my health goals, so stay tuned!


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