The 20 Year Storm

Wow, has my week been rocked!

So as you’ll recall, Sunday night entered the “sick baby” phase.  Monday I went to work, and Chris stayed home with Bean.  Monday night, I went to bed soon after Harlow and Chris slept in the living room so I could sleep undisturbed.

I woke up disoriented, and couldn’t see the clock by the bed, so I assumed that something had been tossed over it (it has been known to happen).  I grabbed my phone and saw it was around 5:30am.  I went back to sleep.  Harlow woke up at 6:30am, according to my phone.  I went to get her, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize we had no power.  (How many times did I try the light switches?  Please don’t ask…)

Chris said he had come in the bedroom during the night to make sure I was okay because the storm outside was apparently epic.  Like, the sky lighting up for a full minute at a time with lightening, and thunder that shook the house type of epic.  He said he tried to speak to me a couple of times and I was just out cold.  Harlow slept through it all, too!

So that was Monday night.  The power company estimates all power will be restored by SUNDAY. Chris said it was the kind of storm that only comes along once every 20 years.

Having a sick baby is no fun.  Having the power out is no fun.  Having a sick baby when the power out is… ugly.  Ugly makes me pack up Bean’s & my stuff and high tail it to my dad’s house.  Sorry, hubby… you’re on your own for a few days!  He likes camping, it’s okay.

Luckily, work has power, so I can bang this out during my break.  Oh, interwebs, how I miss you!  Not as much as the bottle warmer, but still, a lot.

We were one of the lucky ones.  We only got a few huge branches down in our yard, and some water in our “dry” basement.  (It came in the window wells, apparently???  Geez, Mother Nature!  We get it!  You’re in charge!)  Unfortunately, one of the huge branches did come down on my birdbath, which is now in 4 pieces.  RIP, bird bath.


(Some of the damage. If you look under the branch in back, you may be able to see a shard of my poor bird bath…)


(Bored Babies)


(Harlow passing the time coloring.)


(Me passing the time, trying out a new hairstyle I saw on Pinterest.)

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