Step 1 – Evaluation

Well, after things got super-derailed last week with Harlow’s illness & the Storm of the Century, I’m finally getting back to focusing on my plans.

This week I’m going to just keep track of what I’m eating (partially via MFP), what bad habits I’ve accumulated (because there are a lot!) and then next weekend, I’ll sit down and make a Step 2 Game Plan.  Basically, I just need to pay attention to what I’m up to.

There are already a few things I know I need to work on.

First up, my Starbucks addiction.  Out. Of. Control.  The last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting two.  Not two a week… two a visit.  Venti Half-Caf Soy Latte.  They know me by name.  My wallet cries when I pull into the parking lot.  And to make matters so much worse, our local SB’s is located within a grocery store… right next to the donuts.  You can pay for the donuts at SB’s.  Ugly, my friends.  Ugly.  So, if I can kick my Starbucks habit, I have faith that I can kick my donut habit.

IMAG1141(I know… nothing classier than a photo at your desk, but they LOVE me at SB’s!  I make them happy.)

Along those same lines… I’ve been trying to make coffee at home, but I’ve been adding loads of flavored creamers.  I used to drink my coffee black, but now I can’t seem to take a sip without half a bottle of flavored creamer in it.  That MUST stop.  Aside from the crazy calorie content, have you READ those ingredients???  Not good, my friends.  Not good…

Another bad habit (with two parts) is the sheer amount of food I eat.  I’m still eating like I’m pregnant or nursing (which are serious appetites, people).  I am stuffed after every meal.  And now (part 2 alert), on top of my own massive meals, I’ve been chowing down on whatever The Bean doesn’t eat at her mealtimes.  Which is usually a lot because she eats like a bird.  I detest wasting food, but I’ve got to stop eating all the things.

Last thing I already know I need to work on is my sugar addiction.

I’m actually a little ashamed of my candy drawer at work…


(This is but a small sampling of what is in there…)


What are some things you want to work on?

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