Mini Goal 1 – Hydration/Drink Choices (3 Parts)

Part 1: Water

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed in my self-evaluation is that I don’t drink water.  I used to drink a minimum of 60oz a day (yes, I kept track).  These days, I may literally not have a sip of pure water every day.  There were days when I started with coffee, had a ginger ale with lunch, one with dinner (I know, I know…), fill up my water cup at bedtime, and wake up in the morning without having taken a drink of it.  That has to change.

This morning I did fill up a travel mug with coffee (and yes, creamer… I’m working on that…).  But I also filled up a 30oz Nalgene bottle and another 20oz travel bottle with water.  My goal for today (and every day from now on) is to drink it all by the end of the work day, then have some more water in the evening.

(I also plan on drinking aforementioned water while crouching awkwardly in the grass like this Google Image result.)


Part 2: Ginger Ale

I grew up with a dad who chugged Vernors, and I thought that was what ginger ale tasted like.  It was disgusting.  When I was pregnant, I got the stomach flu, and couldn’t keep anything down for almost a week.  Chris bought me some Canada Dry Ginger Ale to settle my stomach once I could finally keep liquids down.  I pretty much refused to try it, claiming I HATED ginger ale.  Of course, as usual, he was right.  I’ve been super hooked ever since.  My goal here, since I have no intention of cutting it out completely, is to just cut way, way back.  We have a “family dinner” night usually on either Friday or Saturday night where we actually eat together (Chris is not a vegetarian, and usually makes his dinner and eats while I am putting Harlow to bed so the kitchen is clear for me to make dinner once she’s down), so I will always have one then, and if I can keep it to one or two the rest of the week, I’d be happy with that.  Two a day is a bit excessive, don’t you think?

Part 3: Creamer

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been using creamer too much and it has to stop.  Period.  The stuff is toxic and empty calories.  I’m either going to have to go back to drinking black coffee, or I may switch to tea.  I just love a warm drink in the morning, ya know?



When I was Googling “water bottled” this image came up… I think Google Image is confused…


(All of the images were from Google Image searches… I’ll be back with my own soon.)


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