Perfect Egg Sandwich

I’ve been trying to figure out a breakfast I can make at work (that doesn’t come from an instant oatmeal packet…soooo sick of those right now) for a while now.  I just don’t have time to eat breakfast before work, so I’ve been bringing in oatmeal, mostly.  Then I remembered my handy-dandy microwave egg maker and BAM!  Egg Sandwiches!

IMAG1334[1](I know, only classy people take this many food photos at their desk…)

There is nothing special about these, but I did use:

Whole wheat English Muffin

Sargento Cheddar Cheese slice

Morningstar Farms Maple “Sausage” Patty

An egg from my friend’s chicken coop (I love being able to eat eggs that I know not only what goes in them (or most accurately, what does not go in them, like hormones or antibiotics) but also how the chickens are treated.  Let me tell you, these chickens are treated like little feathery queens!)

I popped the “sausage” into one side of the egg maker, and the egg in the other.  Cook for 1 minute, toast the English Muffin, top with cheese, egg, & “sausage”, and inhale.


On another note, Day 1 of my first Mini Goal was a huge success!  I drank the full amount of water, NO ginger ale, and only had one travel mug (pictured above because I’m drinking it again today, but only one!) of coffee with creamer!  Feel free to send congratulatory cards or gifts.  I’m sure you’re super proud of me.


*I’m not going to use quotes when naming off veggie meats anymore.  You know I’m a vegetarian…


If you eat breakfast at work, what do you bring?


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