Running with Harlow – Chemical Bank/YMCA 5k

When Harlow was only a few weeks old, I jumped back into the 5k circuit, completing two by the time I returned to work when she was 12 weeks old.  I guess I need to clarify that I walked these!

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

Then, as we all know, I returned to work, life happened, and running was the first thing to go.

Since re-committing myself to making an effort to running and fitness, I did participate in the Hit & Run 5k in May with one of my sisters and my little brother.  It was a ton of fun, but the actual running was pretty minimal.  Not to say I didn’t still struggle… I totally did, but it was still a blast!

Hit & Run 5K

Hit & Run 5K

So this weekend, was the Chemical Bank/YMCA 5k & 10k.  I obviously signed up for the 5k.  (Let me just add here that people from the 10k were passing me.)

You know what, though?  I’m proud of myself!  I finished in 37:55, which is roughly a 12 minute mile.  In those 38 minutes, though, I had to stop to give snacks to Harlow, pick up thrown sippy cups, run up hills with a stroller, and, yes, take several (hundred) walk breaks… but I FINISHED!  I was also pretty proud that I didn’t take my first walk break until about halfway through the race.  From there, my legs were absolute Jello, and I really struggled, but I still ran more than I walked.  I’m happy with my performance, and excited to keep improving!  Oh, especially since when I arrived at the race location, I realized that I forgot my earbuds AND my iPod was dead, so I had to do this thing with zero music.  I seriously almost didn’t do it.  I can NOT run well without tuneage, people…

2014-07-19 08.13.47

Mommy & Harlow, getting ready to run!

2014-07-19 09.07.38

The Bean is completely unimpressed with her cool medal.

Harlow was even given a medal for participating!  (I may be telling everyone it is mine…)

I’m now completely obsessed with trying to find another local 5k since the other one I had signed up for was cancelled for lack of interest.  (It was a CHOCOLATE 5k…  who wouldn’t be interested in that???  They would have given us chocolate at the end of the race!!!  C’mon, people!)


What was your favorite race?

Are you a 5k runner, or do you go after the big ones?

Tell me about your weekend!



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