So you call yourself a photographer, huh? (AKA, my photo journey)

One of the first memories I have involves taking photos.  My older sister and I would set up elaborate scenes with my Barbies (she was much older…) and then make a backdrop and do photo shoots with them.  Album covers, magazine spreads… you name it.  My Barbies were fierce(I’m going to try to find one of these photos… I saw one recently…)

I’ve always loved taking photos.  In high school, I took every photography class that was offered and spent long hours in the darkroom.  (Oh, how I miss the darkroom…)

In college, it was a no-brainer that I would major in photography.  I minored in graphic design and public relations.  I excelled in all three programs.  I delved into a lot of experimental photography and darkroom techniques.  I loved (and hated) my 4X5 class.  I immersed myself in it all.

Then I graduated.

I had a prestigious paid internship lined up at a local graphic design firm when 9/11 happened.  There was an immediate freeze on hiring.  Since then, I’ve never been able to get work in my field.

After college, I worked for a few years at a photo lab, developing photos, then after moving with my then-fiance to our current town, I worked at an actual commercial photo studio – as an account manager.  Doh!

I have done photo shoots over the years, but not a ton.  Mostly maternity (my dream is to open a maternity/newborn studio someday!).

The only two photos I had readily available when I was typing up this post…


I do still love it, but I’ve gotten pretty jaded about bothering to actually look for work in my field.  Technology has rushed past me like a ferocious river and I’m not sure I can catch up… especially not having to work a 40 hour job and having a family.

When I was in college, my professors claimed that digital photography was a passing fad, so we only learned film.  Ouch.  I’ve had a digital SLR for around 3 years now, and I still haven’t quite figured it out as much as I’d like to.  I miss my old film camera and darkroom…

The point of this loooong story is that I have a photo shoot coming up for a cousin’s senior photos.  I’m excited to do it, as I am every time one of these opportunities crops up.  It always gets me thinking about the possibilities of opening my own studio someday.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m content with these sporadic shoots for the fun of it!

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