Resetting the Day

I admittedly did not get off to a great start today, health/eating-wise:



Old habits, my friends… old habits.  This morning I woke up after a loooong night of teething with Harlow (so tired) and grabbed a Chobani Blackberry Greek Yogurt out of the fridge to pair with a banana and some granola for breakfast.  I realized that I never made it to the store yesterday to pick up some creamer (I know, I know) so I told myself I’d just stop quickly for a Starbucks.  When I got there, almost as if just by habit, I also ordered a breakfast sandwich… aaaand a donut.  A thousand calories later, there we were.

I could have let this dictate the rest of my day and have eaten all the things (like I normally would), or I could hit my internal reset button and make wise and healthy choices for the rest of the day.

So, at lunch I had to run and pick up diapers and a million dollars worth of other necessities, so while I was there, I peeped the deli salads and picked up this beauty for lunch.


Fuzzy phone picture alert!


Instead of grabbing a frozen, microwavable pizza and a pop (and something chocolate, because…reasons) like I normally would, this gave me some unplanned veggie power and a boost to my resolve.  I still plan on having my yogurt, banana, and granola as a snack later if I get hungry, since salads usually don’t really hold me that well.  I have no idea what’s for dinner, but hopefully, I’ve reset my thinking for the rest of the day.


The banana looked naaasty, so I left it out.

(I really have to stop using my crappy phone to take all the pictures…)


Mistakes and setbacks are going to happen, because life happens, but if I don’t use them as an excuse to go crazy and eat super unhealthy, they will cease to be an issue.


Hope you all are having a great day!

What is your go-to lunch on the run?

When you start the day off on the wrong foot, do you use it as an excuse to overindulge the rest of the day?


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