16 Months


Well, that month flew by!

Harlow is 16 months old!

In addition to all the things she could do at 15 Months, she can also now:

Jump!  She loves to jump, and can get an inch or so off the ground.

Say: Her name!  It is the cutest.  She also says blankie (which sounds like baby), and hat.  When you ask her to say “dog” she says “woof”, and when you ask her to say “cow” she says “mooo!”.  She also moo’s sometimes when she’s asking for milk.  She’ll try to repeat almost anything I ask her to say.  She does so in a whisper, like she’s testing it out before committing. 

This month we’ve gone to the beach twice to play in the sand and the waves.  She’s such a beach girl, like her mommy.  Too bad we live in Michigan where we only get to enjoy it a couple of months out of the year.

She has recently taken a huge interest in stuffed animals.  She loves giving them kisses and “squeezes”. IMG_5646-2

I’m pretty sure she gets cooler every day.  I’m also pretty sure we’re in trouble with how cute she is.  Example: the other day I was doing her hair in the morning, and she was holding her brush, playing with it.  She reached up and banged on her mirror with the brush.  I grabbed her hand and said something like, “No!  That could hurt you if it broke!” and she turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face and batted her eyelashes.  Uh-oh…  Wish us luck!

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