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September Grocery Budget Challenge – plus an update on my Mini Goal 1

Our grocery bill has always been on the hefty side.  We are fairly picky about our food. For example, years ago, while on a “saving” kick, I bought a package of frozen chicken breasts for Chris.  It did not go … Continue reading

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17 Months

I think I have said this every month for the past 17 months, but how?  How has another whole month flown by?  How is my baby a whole month older?  Slow down, time outside of work!  Anyhoosies… moving on. Getting … Continue reading

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Senior Pictures (unedited, so don’t look too close…)

*I finally am able to post this…   My first senior picture photo shoot was super fun (and exhausting!).  My cousin, Vonnie, and her entourage got to our house around noon on Saturday.  My sister stayed with a napping Harlow … Continue reading

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Anniversary Weekend

Such a fabulous weekend, all.  When the babysitter got there, I gave her a quick rundown of dinner and nighttime routines.  It was the first time we had her come before Harlow was asleep for the night, and only the … Continue reading

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11 Years Ago Today…

I married my other half.   11 years, 3 homes, 2 puppies, and one sweet, beautiful baby girl later, we’re still going strong. We have a babysitter coming tonight and we’re going out to celebrate!  I can’t wait! 

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Throwback Thursday – Monica/Harlow Edition

Since Harlow was born, if people ask who I think she looks like, or if someone claims she looks like me, I always just say I don’t see either one of us. She just looks like Harlow. Then my sister … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes…

OMG, ya’ll!  Do you know what I just realized as I was online shopping for Harlow??? HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!!!  I mean, you know, like, in 2 1/2 months, but I’M SO EXCITED!!! If you were unsure, Halloween is my … Continue reading

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