Friday Favorites – Action Stars

Happy Friday, lovies!

I’m so happy it is the last day of the work week.  I have a fun weekend planned, plus…not working!  This weekend is the senior photo shoot.  I’m excited!  Hopefully I don’t screw it all up too badly, but if I do… oh well.  I’m doing it for free, so…  haha.

My sister saw Hercules in the theater the other day (and texted me to rub in the fact that she got to stare at a half-naked The Rock for two hours), and that got me thinking about my favorite action stars.  I definitely have my top favorites, who, if I see their name in a movie on Netflix, I’ll tend to watch it, regardless of whether or not it looks good.  Here they be…

Of course, The Rock, Mr. Dwayne Johnson

He is the perfect balance of super tough and adorable.  That smile, man… and those twinkly eyes.  He’s lovely.  I watch everything his name is attached to.


Jason Statham

This guy is just plain cool.  The first thing we saw him in is The Transporter, and we’ve been hooked ever since (I say “we” because The Hubs is a huge JS fan, too!).  We’ve watched so many of his lesser known movies, and some of them have been real duds, but he always makes them exciting.  A good example is Crank.  With any other actor, would have been a complete tank, and a ridiculous tank at that, but he was awesome in it and made the movie a classic instead.  Although he hasn’t been able to save them all…  Lookin’ at you, Crank 2.

Vin Diesel

I’ll admit I haven’t seen Vin in much besides the Fast & Furious franchise, but The Fast & The Furious is one of my all-time favorite movies.  The whole set, actually (even tolerating the second and third) is among my favorites.  I’m a sucker for a sexy, action-packed, non-gratuitous-violence movie.  TFATF, The Expendables, that sort of thing is my jam.  The few other things I have seen him in are okay, but he IS Dom.  He is. You’ll never convince me otherwise.

When Fast Five came out, and TWO of my favorite action stars were in it, I was SOOOO excited.  I loved the chemistry between The Rock and Vin.  So awesome.

I think you may be able to see where I’m going with this.  When The Fast & The Furious 6 came out, I’d just given birth a few weeks before and we weren’t quite up to getting out to see a movie at that point.  When it was finally released to DVD, we bought it (oh, yes, I own ALL of them), put Harlow to bed, and watched it.  It was AWESOME!  Having learned from the past Fast movies to stay put through the credits, we didn’t budge.  Then it happened.  And I screamed.  And jumped off the couch.  And clapped my hands.  And freaked the F out.

For the 7th installment of the Fast franchise, ALL THREE of my favorites are going to be IN THE SAME MOVIE!!!  I think it is an understatement to say that I’m excited to see this movie.  It’s going to be epic, ya’ll…  You’d better believe that I’ll be in a theater on April 3rd, 2015.  While I am super sad about Paul Walker’s passing, (what a senseless, stupid, preventable tragedy, and such a waste of a young talent…) I’m hella excited.


*Honorable mentions: All the old dudes in The Expendable movies (love those AND Jason Statham is in those, too!), and Brad Pitt, who as an actor, I tend to think of him as a pretty boy, and just a “celebrity”, but if I actually think of the things I’ve seen him in, he is actually insanely talented… Fight Club, Snatch (guess who was in this, too… Jason!  Surprise, surprise!  That boy is seriously everywhere!), World War Z – just to name a few.


Have a great Friday and weekend!


Tell me what upcoming movies you are excited to see!

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