Mini Goal 1 Update, Senior Photos, and Blast from the Past

Good afternoon, kids!

I had a great weekend!  The senior photos went really well (considering I haven’t done a senior photo shoot in 9 years!) and I will be posting some on here as soon as I release them to my cousin.  I thought it would be rude to show ya’ll when she hadn’t even seen them, yet!  Tempting, but I’ll be good…

Okay, I can’t resist… I gave her a sneak peek of her own, so I’ll share that one and ONLY that one for now… stay tuned for some others.


Unedited…and she’s still so lovely!

Moving on…

So almost a month ago, I posted my first Mini Goal… and you never heard about it again.  You may ask, how’s the Hydration Thing going?  Well… here’s the thing, kittens…  I failed.  Fairly miserably.  For a week, I did great.  I drank 50+ oz of water, only had ONE ginger ale, and… okay, the coffee/creamer thing never even slowed down, but I was doing BETTER overall!  Then, it all crept back.  I’d forget my water bottle in the morning, and I generally detest using plastic bottles, so I’d just not bother.  Ginger ales at dinner once a week became ginger ales every night at dinner, which became ginger ales at every lunch and dinner.  Not good… not good at all.

However, the last week or two, without even trying, things have been improving!  I’ve been drinking a lot more water, a lot less GA, and started having hot tea in the mornings instead of coffee (and creamer…so much creamer)!  Plus, The Hubs and I have decided to stop buying cases of Canada Dry (I know…terrible) and only get one 20oz bottle each for our “family dinner nights”.  That should help immensely!  I feel bad dragging him into Ginger Ale detox with me, but it will be better for us both.

Final note: I was looking through a musty old box in the basement that I thought held my little bro’s senior picture I took (in a frame… I have the negatives somewhere) almost a decade ago and came across some silly pictures on Post-it Notes.  I was a little confused for a moment, then I remembered… my old boss at the photo studio was often out of his office, so if I needed him to sign something (which was all the time) I’d leave him a happy little picture on a Post-it asking for a signature.  He’d respond with a bratty version of whatever I’d drawn, and the word Done.  Example.  I’d draw a picture of a happy cow and he’d return one with a pair of cow-print boots, belt, and a hamburger.  Seriously, too funny.  So I thought I’d share, because I find it amusing.  I really miss working with that guy…

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