Something Wicked This Way Comes…

OMG, ya’ll!  Do you know what I just realized as I was online shopping for Harlow???

HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE!!!  I mean, you know, like, in 2 1/2 months, but I’M SO EXCITED!!!

If you were unsure, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Then Thanksgiving because food.  Then Christmas.  Christmas would get the second-place slot, but it has become ridiculously commercialized.  The stress I feel buying the perfect gift for dozens of people is out of control and pretty much overshadows my favorite parts – being reminded of the birth of Christ and all the sparkly lights and decorations. 

Anyhoosies…  HALLOWEEN!

Last year, I lost track of time and we ended up having to buy a costume at the last minute for Harlow, and I threw something together from my bucket-o-costumes. (Yes, she also got a shirt for school & a bib for dinner.) 


Gimmee Eats!



Whoooo’s my girl?


Yes, I dress Abbey up, too. My little Pumpkin.  (I’m a vampire of sorts… it looked better in full costume a few years before…)

So I’ve started looking into what I want Harlow to wear for Halloween.  (You know, for when we stay at home and answer doors for trick-or-treaters…)

This is my front runner, since I hope to be able to fit into this costume again by then (we’ll see!).  Yes, I dress up to stay home, too! 

do it yourself divas: Black Cat Costume tutorial for clip-on kitty ears, and perfect kitty tail. SUPER EASY DIY!

I wonder if I have any hope of her keeping the ears on??? Nope, probably not. Kitty costume idea, via Pinterest.


Witchy woman – circa 2011

My Pinterest Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving board, if you are interested…

Who’s with me?  Who loves Halloween above all other holidays?

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