Anniversary Weekend

Such a fabulous weekend, all.

 When the babysitter got there, I gave her a quick rundown of dinner and nighttime routines.  It was the first time we had her come before Harlow was asleep for the night, and only the third time ever!  Once everything was settled, Chris and I snuck out while Ashely had Harlow distracted.

We went to the local movie theater for the first time since we saw The Hangover(!) to see Sin City 2.

SIN CITY 2 BannerLet me just say… Jessica Alba is gorgeous.

After that, we headed to Wheatberry.

Wheatberry-4c-small-300x101restaurantwhere I ordered my favorite, Three Sisters

Capture3 sistersAND my first glass of wine in over 2 years!


The ever-awkward “hey take my picture in a restaurant!” pose.

Since 11 years traditional gift is steel, Chris gifted me this incredible steel rose.  That boy is so smooth. 



It was such a wonderful weekend.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well.

Up next, Harlow turned 17 months today!  I’ll be doing at least a brief update soon, plus a little update on my Mini Goal 1.  Happy Monday, ya’ll!




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