Senior Pictures (unedited, so don’t look too close…)

*I finally am able to post this…


My first senior picture photo shoot was super fun (and exhausting!).  My cousin, Vonnie, and her entourage got to our house around noon on Saturday.  My sister stayed with a napping Harlow (Chris was at work) and the rest of us headed to the waterfall.






After that, on our way back, we passed an wonderful orchard and a lovely big field, so we had to stop and trespass for a brief moment…


IMG_5808We did some more traditional senior photos and then some ballet shots in the art district, and then headed to the beach.

IMG_5924 IMG_5937 IMG_6001

We ended up running around from about 1pm until 9pm when everyone hit the road to go home.  I got home, shoved some food down my throat and crashed hard.  It was such a fun day, but my job was made so much easier by having such a beautiful model!  I can’t wait to do the senior photos of my other cousin (Vonnie’s sister) and my niece in another couple of years.  Especially my niece.  She’s a beauty and fun to hang out with.



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