17 Months

I think I have said this every month for the past 17 months, but how?  How has another whole month flown by?  How is my baby a whole month older?  Slow down, time outside of work! 

Anyhoosies… moving on.

Getting a good photo of an active 17 month old is a lot harder than getting one of, say, a 7 month old.  Shall we compare? 

7 Month Old Harlow:



17 Month Old Harlow:




So, yeah… not as easy.  This age, though, is the absolute best.  (I also feel like I’ve said that every month for the past 17 months…)

Some new stuff since her 16 Month update… Harlow now says yellow, banana (nana), watermelon (menon), green bean, blue, foot, sock, bottle, night-night, paper, and Lyla (her cousin).  She is such a busy girl.  She is always running and moving and trying to climb up on things and smiling and laughing.  She’s the sweetest girl.  She still pats my arm as I burp her at bedtime after her bottle. 

When I pick her up from daycare, she sees me, and instantly runs to the counter saying “Paper! Paper!” to get her daily information sheet.  She also got ONE new tooth this month!  Not the front two that have been bulging since before she turned a year old, but still, progress is progress!  Oh, and on the We’re in Trouble front, Harlow, when scolded for, say, throwing her food on the floor because she’s done eating, will smile and waggle her finger and say No-no.  Ohhhh, boy.  Just between you and me, it is soooo hard not to laugh.  🙂

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