Labor Day Weekend & Other Disasters

Okay, my weekend wasn’t quite as bad as the title suggests, but it wasn’t the best.

Friday morning, Abbey was sniffing Harlow’s feet with a strange urgency, so I took a peek at her toes… ew.  They were red and had some weird, scabby looking stuff all over them. Both feet.  So I got her into the doctor where I proceeded to try for over 1/2 hour to keep her entertained in the waiting room, trying desperately to keep her away from the bio-hazard pile of toys in the corner (a battle that I lost at the end of our wait due to another little girl coming in and playing with them.  Harlow was hell-bent on playing after she saw someone else playing with them…).


The fish tank occupied her interest for about 3.8 seconds.

Anyway, back to the swamp feet… the doctor thinks she either had a bacterial thing or that she had some eczema on her toes that became infected.  So she is on a thrice daily oral antibiotic, a thrice daily topical antibiotic, and a topical steroid.  She hates all of them with a passion, so that’s been fun.

Oh, oh, oh!  Let’s back up.  I’ve been wanting, as I mentioned in a previous post, to visit the local farmer’s fruit/veg stand.  So I had some time before H’s doctor appointment, so we headed over to pick up some local, healthy produce.  And after plunking down twelve bucks, this happened.

Some staging was required, as the peaches were rolling down the driveway...

Some staging was required, as the peaches were rolling down the driveway…

Okay, so that was before the doctor.

Oh, also, my work bestie was super rude and decided to follow her dreams of not living here anymore, and got a job in Chicago.  We were supposed to have our “goodbye” lunch on Friday, and SHE CANCELLED!!!  (okay, technically, she postponed due to her current boss and some of her co-workers wanting to take her out to lunch on her last day, but still…)

All of this happened before noon.  On Friday.

So after the doctor, we went home for nap, then to the pharmacy.  I love Walgreens, but I detest Walgreens pharmacy.  I have no idea why, after years of going there and hating them, I still go.  Definition of insanity?  Maybe so.  Anyhoosies… I figured that instead of loading and unloading a toddler, I’d go through their handy-dandy drive through.  45 minutes later…  It was absolutely ridiculous.

Saturday morning.

Harlow and I both woke up with colds.  Damn you, vile germ-drenched pile of waiting room toys.  I swear they pay sick kids to cough on them so they drum up business.  Despite my best intentions of wiping her hands after every touch of a toy, we both got the bug.  We hung around the house, ran a few errands, and went to look for a big girl car seat!  (Harlow is 17 months old, but she’s so tiny that we’re still rocking the infant bucket seat, but it is time to move on…)  So we played with Abbey, went for some groceries, and saw the world’s boredest dog.  Of course boredest is a word…

wpid-imag1489.jpg wpid-imag1486.jpgwpid-imag1536.jpg

Enter Sunday…

Harlow is obsessed with shoes…like mother like daughter…  She also is getting close to growing out of her current shoes, so I thought we’d pop on over to Lighthouse Place Outlet Mall to Stride Rite for some shoes during the Labor Day sale.  Easy-peasy, right?  Harlow is not prone to crying or temper tantrums.  Until that visit.  Screaming, kicking, and general toddler craziness ensued.  It was ugly.  So many people commented that I was ready to start punching people, but I couldn’t give up, because we had driven an hour to get there and I was NOT leaving without some shoes!  We finally got two pairs, but I’m on the fence about one of them and might return them.  Time will tell…


I failed to mention that during this time, either because of her toes, or because of her cold, or because of her ever-present teething, she basically didn’t sleep through the night.  At all.  One night I was up with her 3 or 4 times.

Monday I met my work-bestie for a makeup goodbye brunch, and of course Harlow came with.  We met at 10am.  Harlow usually naps at 11am.  I figured we’d eat, maybe be a 1/2 hour or so late for nap (not a big deal) and she’d be up in plenty of time for her grandparents to visit at 3pm.  Apparently everyone in the universe had the same idea to eat at The Mason Jar in Benton Harbor’s Art District.  It was after 11am that we were even sat.  Ever wait for a table for over an hour with a toddler?  Not fun.  Ever do it with a toddler who is late for a nap?  Less fun.  Ever then go on to have an hour and a half brunch with aforementioned nap-deprived toddler who is already sick and tired of being confined in a restaurant?  I have a headache just thinking about it.  Let’s take a break with some cute photos.

wpid-imag1542.jpg wpid-imag1557.jpg wpid-imag1556.jpg

She’s obsessed with my shoes, too.  And watermelon.

So after Harlow let out an ear-piercing screech that literally made everyone in the restaurant giggle (I was mortified…) we high-tailed it out of there.  I got her home and she crashed… hard.  She took a three hour nap.  Meaning she was still sleeping when her grandparents got to our house.  Luckily, she woke up after not that long, and loved seeing them.

Other than the toxic sludge flowing out of her nose and her vast nighttime antics of late, things are back to normal now that the work week is upon us.  I’m exhausted, Harlow’s exhausted, we really didn’t get to do anything “fun” (ie…beach) this weekend… but it is what it is.  Life happens despite our best laid plans.  Her toes are getting better, which is awesome, our colds will pass, and hopefully the next time we have a long weekend, everything will go swimmingly.

A final few cute photos to end on an upbeat note, since I was sort of a Debbie Downer in this post… I’ll be back with cheery sunshiny stuff soon.  Pinky swear.


Like I said, obsessed…


Also obsessed with my water bottle… which is probably why I’m sick, too.



I sincerely hope your weekend was much more festive than ours!



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