Friday Favorites – Netflix

My husband and I are marathoners.

I mean, we don’t run (anymore) and while Chris has run some mad distances back in the day, my limit has always been 3.1 miles.

No, no.  What I mean is we are Netflix Marathoners.


We’ve plowed through a number of shows in the last year and a half.  Here are some of our my favorites.

  • The Walking Dead – OMG, ya’ll!  Zombies!!!  I went into this thinking it would be the dumbest, most childish show on the planet.  ADDICTED!!!  It kills me (haha) that I haven’t been able to watch it in months!  I don’t know how people watch it week to week without being able to sit and binge watch it.  NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!!!



  • Sons of Anarchy – Same basic thing.  The Hubs wanted to watch this one because of his love of motorcycles, and I was prepared to be an unimpressed, eye-rolling, sighing pile of bored.  LOVE it.  It is exciting and engaging and give you the feels.  And, um, Jax?  Yeahhhh… I’ll watch that if I haaave to…



  • The Killing – I’m SO bummed that we unknowingly watched THE LAST SEASON EVER!!!  I just heard that it was cancelled and I’m devastated… although it had a pretty good ending, I guess, begrudgingly, but I seriously loved that show.  Chris thought it was a little slow, but I thought it was perfectly acted, and the pace, to me, made it feel more intense and frustrating, but in an oh-so-good way.



  • Hemlock Grove – I’m not sure exactly what attracts me about this one, but it is really interesting.  I think it is because it is pretty, and campy, and scary… all at once.  I’m really looking forward to the next season because… well, I don’t want to give anything away if you’re going to watch it, but I’m not sure where the heck they can go with it!  So excited.  So far away.

Hemlock Grove


  • Pretty Little Liars – Okay, I honestly debated whether to share this one, because I’m super embarrassed of my love of this show and… well, I’m not 13.  Although no 13 year old of mine would be allowed to watch it… probably.  It is a terrible show, truly, and full of pedophiles who should be in jail instead of swoony love interests, BUT it is a guilty pleasure and totally addicting.  I think I watch it mostly for the clothes and hair than for the storyline (especially Hannah’s), and I can’t wait until the show is over and we find out who A is, finally!



Happy Friday, all!


What are you addicted to on Netflix?

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