Too Early to “Fall”? (and randomness)

It has been over TWO YEARS since my last Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I felt like the trumpets in Heaven were sounding when I saw it listed on the menu board this morning.


Aww, my Subaru is saying Hi in the back!

…and a donut, because self control = 0.


Along those same lines, we had a crazy fall storm the other day!  (It is probably actually still a summer storm, but I’m trying to get into a fall state of mind, so… bear with me…)  It was crazy and blowy and wild and loud, and lasted about .059 seconds.


View upon leaving work Friday.


I’m a scary storm cloud. Boo!

I bought some winter gear for Harlow, and she’s LOVING wearing it around the house.  If she’s anything like her mom, she’ll love it right up until it hits the 30’s and that nasty white stuff starts falling…

wpid-imag1586.jpg wpid-imag1598.jpg


And finally (assuming anyone is still reading…) we are thinking about getting some family photos taken since this was our last one:


Abbey looks good. Chris looks good. I look insane (hello forehead bulge!). Harlow looks… squashed.

So I’m looking at having outdoor photos taken, and I bought this dress for Harlow and am thinking about buying this dress for me… too matchy (well, aside from the fact that they actually clash)?



Tell me.  What have you been up to???  Comments welcome!

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