What Happened This Weekend {9/16 – 9/21}

Happy Monday, and, yes, I’m counting Friday as part of the weekend because, well, it was part of my weekend!

Friday started bright and early as usual.  I dropped the babe off at daycare and started the hour and a half trek to Grand Rapids to get my hair did.  (Oh, the construction!!!)

I’ve been going to Cheeky Strut for all of its 5 years of existence, and before that, to KL, the owner, for several more years.  I hadn’t gotten there since before having Harlow!  February 2013 is the last time I was there.  The Hubs keeps telling me I have to find someone local, but I’ve tried and everyone else sucks.  I’m just sayin’.  Plus, KL is my gorgeous cousin, and a genius, and I love everything about Cheeky Strut.  The vibe, the staff, the experience… all of it.  Seriously, if you want to get your noggin rocked, and live near GR, do yourself a favor and try Cheeky Strut.  I don’t have any experience with anyone but KL, but she’s fantastic.  Plus, it is across the street from Founders Brewery, which has fantastic food and beer, so… bonus!

Anyway… so I was at Cheeky Strut, and this happened…


I feel so much more like me!

This is how it looks when I do it myself now… not as “hip” but I still love it!


Okay, so that was Friday.

Saturday was Mommy Group.  I LOVE Mommy Group days.  I started Mommy Group when Harlow was about 2 months old.  I didn’t have any local mom friends (all of my friends are either anti-marriage/baby or live too far away), so I rounded up other working moms that I met at either Birthing or Breastfeeding Classes before we had the babes, or moms I met through daycare.  It has been so fun to watch the kids grow from laying in a circle around a blanket while we Moms chatted, to running all over the playground after them, barely able to get two sentences out to each other.  This age is so cool and fun.  We tried several times to get the kids together for a photo, but each time, a different one would refuse.  🙂  Harlow was unstoppable on the slides and stairs… she loved it! (Obviously, someone was always right there to protect her and the other kids…) Plus, I’ve met some wonderful women that I’ve come to think of as good friends.

wpid-imag1687.jpgwpid-imag1672.jpg  wpid-imag1674.jpg

Later, after nap, Harlow found an old baby hat of hers while I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to clean out her drawers and wouldn’t take it off.

wpid-imag1711.jpg wpid-imag1713.jpg

It looked like one of those menacing helmets that bikers wear.  Well, it would if it wasn’t super cute with purple hair, but you know…

Sunday we mostly hung around the house and did “stuff”.  Laundry, dishes, playtime, etc…  Harlow rode her motorcycle and upped her street cred with her new monster helmet & Harley shirt.  That is not a face that you want to mess with…


And now we’re back to Monday… the saddest day of the week.  I always miss my little girl so much after our fun weekends together.  I wish constantly that I could just work half time.

One happy thing for today, though, is that after months of wishy-washying it (just go with it…) I finally signed up for my first Fix!  I’m getting my first Stitch Fix delivery on November 1st.  I’m really excited.  I no longer have a chance to shop for myself (toddlers suck as shopping buddies), so I’m hoping this will be really good for me (and my wardrobe!).

I have no idea where this box came from, but it won’t go away, so…. enjoy!

Okay, kids, anything you are super excited about?


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