Day 1 (or 2?) – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1: The Introduction.

This seems redundant to me because of my Welcome Page, and my About Page, so I’m going to start with…

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

  1. I was born with red hair, it turned black when I was only a couple of months old, then on to blonde a few months after that, where it has been ever since, though it is getting darker lately.  Maybe I’ll end up a brunette and have covered the entire spectrum?
  2. I get a lot of grief because I love the smell of grilling meat.  People always bring up that I’m vegetarian… yeah, well, I love certain perfume and flower scents, too… but I don’t want to eat them.                                    
  3. I hate, hate, hate, when people put serious stuff on Pinterest.  I’ll be scrolling through cute outfits, hairstyles, kid ideas, puppies, then BAM! a horror story (photo) about animal abuse or something.  I get it… these things are out there, and really need to be helped, but when I’m on a frivolous site like Pinterest, it is for frivolous fun… if I wanted reality, I’d go read the news or check out PETA’s website.  It is like when cartoons are on Saturday morning and there is a commercial break and Sarah McLaughlin starts singing and you know you have exactly .002 seconds to change the channel before your morning is completely ruined.  Completely wrong time and OMG this commercial just makes me cry...... as soon as I hear that song  I have to run to the remote..
  4. I was unbelievably shy in school until my older sister practically forced me to try out for cheerleading the second half of freshman year.  I cheered for 7 out of 8 seasons, and was captain in some capacity for 6 of them.  It really brought me out of my shell… which I have slowly climbed back into more and more ever since.


    So sorry… pretend you can see this. I had to screen capture this from a friend’s Facebook page. I’m the one without a hood on in the sea of blur…

  5. I’m allergic to aspartame.  Seriously… that stuff is poison.
  6. If I start something, I have to finish it.  Even if it is terrible.  Book series, movie trilogies, you name it.  It is ugly and has led to many unfulfilled hours.
  7. The only doughnut I really like is chocolate covered Boston Cream.  I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’ll eat other ones, but that’s the best one.
  8. I slept with the Pound Puppy I got when I was about 6 years old until the day I got married at 24 years old.  His name is Coco.  He’s waiting patiently for Harlow to be old enough to play with him.  That sounded way creepier than intended…
  9. My eyes change colors depending on what I’m wearing.  Blue, green, aqua, and gray.
  10. I wear my wedding band, my heart necklace, and my three diamond earrings every day.  I have only ever taken off my wedding band at the end of my pregnancy when my finger was too swollen, and Chris wore it until I could again.  My earrings come out twice a year for cleaning and inspection.  Once in a blue moon, I will wear a different necklace… maybe three times a year?
  11. I was terrified to have a child, and wasn’t sure I was ever going to do it.  Best decision I’ve ever made.  I only wish I had done it much sooner so I could feel better about maybe having more!


    My Lord, she was tiny!

  12. I always end up picking friends who don’t really like each other.  I’m not sure how that happens… I like them, they like me… it would make sense that they would like each other, right?  High school, college, even now.  It is so weird.
  13. I hate having my photo taken.  I’d much rather do the taking.  I always feel like I’m doing something weird with my face or body.
  14. Some Most days the only thing that gets me back to work after lunch is knowing I have a pretty sizable stash of chocolate waiting for me.
  15. I started this blog to help me get back into eating right and exercising.  I have done neither.  I may have to rethink this…
  16. I love rain and sunshine equally.  If I never saw a snowflake again, and had equal amounts of sunny and rainy days, all in the 50’s through 70’s range, I’d be the happiest person on the planet… weather-wise.
  17. I like to bake quite a lot, but I detest cooking.  I didn’t work for about a year and a half a while back and I had a lot of time to bake.  My neighbors LOVED me.
  18. I grew up completely unwilling to try anything food-wise.  There are so many things that I had never had until my late 20’s, or even early 30’s, that most people have always eaten.  Like mayonnaise.  Or asparagus.  Um, artichokes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, nectarines, kiwi… just to name a few.  Pumpkin anything.  My husband would ask if I wanted something, like asparagus, and I’d reply that I didn’t like it… when I had never even tried it.  I just assumed I wouldn’t for some reason.  I eat so much good stuff now thanks to his urging me to try stuff!
  19. I love documentaries and the like.  PBS is my jam, and I will sit and watch documentary after documentary on Netflix.  Anything from ones about the history of tattoos to ones about Henry the VIII.  Love them.
  20. I wish I liked to travel.  I love the idea of traveling, and have been a few places, but when it comes right down to it, I have a really hard time enjoying the trip until it is over… especially if it involves flying.  I’ve only flown about 4 round trips, but each time, my anxiety gets worse and worse.  Plus, I’m always sure that back home my house is burning down or flooding or some other stupid thing that is very unlikely to happen.

    Trip to Disney in 2011… see what I mean about awkward posing?  Or maybe I’m just stressed about being away from home…

Okay, that was super hard, but fun!

What are a few fun facts about you?

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