18 Months

My baby turned 18 months old yesterday.  Oh, aching heart, how do I have a one and a half year old?


At her Well-Baby checkup yesterday, she was 20lbs, 7.5oz, and 31 inches long.  Her doctor is happy she is finally above 20lbs.  She’s still only at the 20% for her age, but that’s up from the low teens it used to be.

Some big things happened over the last month!  She FINALLY got the last of the teeth that have been trying to come through for over 6 months!  She’s got four teeth on top and two on the bottom, now.  So cute!

She says cracker, ribbit (as in, what a frog says), Cassidy (her middle name)… in fact, everything I ask her to say, she tries to say, and does a really good job at it!  The doctor asked if she could say 6 words.  My husband just laughed.  Oh, yeah!  So many more than 6 words from this little talker!

She can walk up the step without even holding on to anything or putting her hands on the floor.  Leg strength!  She eats with a fork and a spoon like a champ these days!

Her favorite books are Pout Pout Fish (fishy?) and Good Night Michigan.  Books in general are her jam right now, though.  Girl loves to read!

She LOVES Abbey.  Pretty much the first word out of her mouth every morning is “AAAAAA…BEEEE?”  Over and over.  At night, after I put her in her crib, she’ll hold up her palm for me to kiss, then says “BYE-BYE!” really loud.  So precious.

She loves our after-work walks with Abbey.  Abbey’s a huge fan, too, actually!  And if we’re being honest, it is one of my favorite times of the day, too!  Especially with this wonderful fall weather.  70’s and sun, perfect, perfect, perfect.


I know I’m forgetting a million things.  During my normal daily routines with her, I know I constantly tell myself to remember this or that thing for her baby book (or these updates) and then it flits out of my head as quickly as it came.  She is so happy and so loving, and so sweet… we are truly, truly blessed to have her.

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