Friday Favorites – Happy Stuff

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week!  Here are some things that are currently making me happy:

Funny Marathon Signs:

I will never, ever, ever participate in a marathon, but looking at these signs make me want to be a spectator!  With a clever sign!

When in doubt, state the obvious.

It is so cool how creative people can get with technology.  Though it is a little weird that it is a love story between a woman and a bunny rabbit…stalker.

This Video:


Pirate 5ks!

My friend from Mommy Group, our girls (in strollers) and I are participating in this tomorrow morning.  I’m so excited!  She and I are dressing up like pirates and I, for one, will be saying things like “Yaaaar, matey!”.  Oh, yes.


Fun weekend!

After the 5k, Harlow and I are going to book it to MI City to meet up with my mother-in-law to shop for more clothes for Harlow.  My MIL loves buying clothes for her, plus, I’m hoping to get a little shopping in, too, taking full advantage of my built-in babysitter!  Then, after we get home from that, Chris and I got a babysitter and are having a date night!  Sunday is the second birthday party for one of the children in our Mommy Group, Ethan!  Word on the street is that there will be a bounce house, so it should be so fun!  A busy, busy, busy, but super fun weekend ahead of us!


Any fun weekends planned out there?

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