Day 3 & 4 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Continuing on with the 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 3: Meaning of my Business Name

Well, I actually do have a business name.  Patiently Waiting.  I set it up years ago when I thought I’d have more time to do maternity photos.  It is sort of self-explanatory, I guess… because you wait patiently for your child to grow and develop and enter your life.  And it sounds pretty, I think.  🙂

That was sort of a lame one, and the next one is, too, so I’m going to group them.

Day 4: Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest memory is crawling out of my crib.  I shared a room with my (much) older sister, and it was dark, and I remember that “oh crap” moment of being precariously balanced over the side after swinging my legs over.  I remember I was wearing footy pajamas.  That’s about as clear as it gets.  lol.  🙂

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