What I Did This Weekend (10/3 – 10/5)

Oh, my Lord, folks… please let me not be sick again like that for a very, very, very long time…

So last Monday mid-day, I started feeling achy.  Since I had just ran for the first time in many months on the Saturday before, I figured it was the late onset of muscle soreness.  By that night, I was absolutely in agony, and my muscles, joints, and even my skin hurt.  I took my temp and it was 102.  I went to bed, and woke up thinking my fever broke.  I felt slightly better, so I dropped Harlow off at daycare (oh, yeah… Chris was out of town this whole time…) and went to work.  By 10am Tuesday it was clear I was no better, so home I went.  During the day I had 101-102 temps.  That night, my fever was gone, but I started getting sick to my stomach.  The rest of the week, I just felt nauseous and gross.  I took another half day on Friday to go home and sleep.  Finally, the second half of yesterday (Sunday) I started feeling better, and “normal”.  Today I still feel a bit fragile, but, decent.  Like I’m over it, but recovering from the ravages it left behind…

So what did I do all weekend, then?  Let me tell you.


Friday after I picked up Harlow, we built a tower.  Best thing I’ve bought her in ages.  She loves them!



Saturday we had Harlow’s first swim class, and she took to it, if you’ll excuse me, like a fish to water.  This kid LOVES water.  Toward the end of the half hour, she kept pushing at me, like she wanted me to just let her go so she could take off on her own!  I really wish we had gotten some photos, but it just wasn’t really possible.  I’ll have to try one of the next few weeks to figure out how to get one taken.  This one of her in her “warm ups” will have to suffice for now… double-fisting the pre-hydration…


mmmmhmmmm…dis mah smoothie…


I’m gonna be honest here… we did not get out of our pajamas Sunday.  At all.  She ended up having a bath at the end of the day and into new pj’s and I did the same thing.  We went for a short walk and made a quick trip to the store in our jammies.  No shame.  I was sick and Harlow did end up coming down with an impressively disgusting head cold, poor baby, so I’ll excuse it.  We also watched far too much Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Baby Genius Sing-Alongs, and various other kid’s shows.  I usually only let her watch one episode of something like that during the weekend, and no other TV, but I needed the downtime.  I also binge-watched The Tudors when she was sleeping.  I’m down to the final two episodes!


She also has been very into “purses” lately.


So, while not the best weekend in the books, it was still a whole lot of fun hanging out with my favorite girl.  She’s the sweetest creature on earth and I love her a whole lot.


I really hope you had a better (and healthier!) weekend than I did!

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