Day 5 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 5: My Guilty Pleasure

I’m not sure I would constitute any of my pleasures as being guilt-worthy, but some “indulgences” are:

Ice cream – obviously.

Pedicures.  I looooove pedicures, but very rarely have the opportunity these days.

Nail Art Ideas are something that we all hunt for these days, since nail art has become the next raging fashion. Here are 12 simple nail art ideas that even a b

Not my toes, but cute!

I guess if anything, my Netflix picks are sort of guilt-worthy.  I’ve been known to rock out to My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.  And of course, you know my feelings about Pretty Little Liars.  I also love Say Yes to the Dress and Hoarders.  Okay, yeah, I should have started with Netflix.  There have been many things over the years that I’ve watched, hoping Chris wouldn’t tease me about them when he saw them in the “recently watched” category.  It never works… He’s got a hawk eye, that one.

Days 1&2, 3&4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge… Don’t worry, the questions get better soon!

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

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