Friday Favorites – Harlow’s Wardrobe (& some pumpkin spice/dog poo randomness…)

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week!

Today I woke up thinking that a latte and a pumpkin spice donut OR a pumpkin spice latte and a plain cake donut sounded really great for a Friday.  Since the first option is only available at Dunkin’ Donuts (which is always insanely busy) I chose to head to Starbucks for the second option.  Here, friends, are the perils of frequenting an establishment too… well, frequently.  By the time I got up to the register, the barista already had my typical half-caf soy latte rung up and was pleased with herself for remembering what I normally order.  So I felt bad and just went with it.  So I got pumpkin spice in neither my latte, nor my donut.  I suppose worse things have happened…  *sigh*


Yes, I have personalized everything…

On to Harlow’s wardrobe.  This kid has the cutest clothes, ever.  For some reason, while I am terrible at spending money on myself (and clothes that I will actually be able to wear for more than a few months before outgrowing), I have no problem buying Harlow all the things.

Some of my current favorites:

Her “Photo Fox” shirt… because I love taking photos, and foxes (fox?  foxi?) are sooo cute!

Fox Camera

I bought this dress when I bought the Mustard Bird dress for our failed family photo shoot.  I can’t wait to pair it with the boots I bought her yesterday (next on the list…).

cn8124317Yesterday, I was shopping for new bedding for Abbey after this happened:

wpid-imag1808 After coming home to see this, I just threw away the whole lot of blankets in her cage… I was not about to try to clean all that up.  It was everywhere.  I’ll spare you the actual details.  I have NO idea what happened while I was at work, but she freaked the F out for some reason.  It took my entire lunch hour to get it cleaned up.  That is very unlike her… maybe we had a ghost?  Or a burglar?  Or a squirrel got in and taunted her with tasty bacon treats and a machete?  No idea.


So, while I was getting new bedding for my sweet, sweet puppy who I love very much, and she’s very lucky that I do…, I ran across the boots in this photo.  Harlow, my little shoe diva, LOVES them.  I love them.  They are ridiculously cute, and I can’t wait to pair them with the dress above.

Harlow Boots

She didn’t just get in a fight or anything… she just painted at daycare. Red paint was everywhere.

Here’s a better-ish picture of them…


I also love the horse shirt she has now.  I grew up on a horse ranch of sorts, so I get excited every time I see horse stuff.  She used to have this dress.  (Well, she still has it but it hasn’t fit her for many months…) I’d add the link for Carters, but it isn’t available through them anymore.  You can buy it here, for a LOT more than I paid, though….

Carter's Horse Woven Dress Set - Baby

Now she has this shirt, which also is no longer available at Carters (even though I just  bought it!), but you can buy it here

Those are my favorite things she’s wearing right this second.  Oh, wait, and this owl hat/mitten set:



Too cute.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and because I have nowhere logical to put this, here’s one more cute pic of my kid.


Chillin’ in the corner with my cuppie…

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