What I Did This Weekend {10/18 – 10/19}

Oh, my.  So Much Fun this weekend…


Saturday morning, I ran around like a crazy person trying to pack up all of Harlow and my stuff since we were going to be hitting the road right after swim class.

At swim class, a grandmother of two of the kids offered to take photos for people, so I should have some photos to share soon, hopefully!  Swim class was a blast.  I have SUCH a little water baby.  She is fearless and loves being in the water.  Little fishy, that one.

(I was really hoping to have the photos by now so I could insert one here… oh, well…)

After that, we dried off, changed, and hit the road.  I gave Harlow a packed smoothie (berry smoothie with PediaSure in it for an added boost) as a snack and she was out like a light within a few minutes of drinking it.  She slept about halfway up to my dad’s house, but was just chillin’ the rest of the time, so it was a good drive.

Can I just say, the leaves up north right now are SO much more colorful and gorgeous than we have around here.  I was in awe all weekend.

So we got to my Dad’s around 2pm and played while waiting for “Grah-PAH and Gramma” to come home from a wedding they were attending.


Shortly before they got home, it was looking like this…wpid-imag1817.jpg

…so Harlow didn’t last long after they got home before we gave her a “bathie” and sent her off to bed.


Sunday morning we got up and headed to breakfast with Grandpa.  Gramma was teaching Sunday School at her church.  As much as I hate the thought of winter coming, everything was frosted over when we left for breakfast and it was so beautiful.



Helping Grandpa into the restaurant.

When we got back, Uncle Troy was there, and so we all went out and played in the leaves for a while.  It was Harlow’s first time.  Like everything else on this planet, she LOVED it.  I seriously have the happiest, sweetest little girl.  So, so blessed.


Yeah… we don’t talk about what he does in those clothes…



wpid-imag1846.jpg Ringing the dinner bell.

Harlow went down for a nap, then we hit my nephew and niece’s combined birthday party for the last 1/2 hour, since Harlow slept through most of it…  Oops.  After snagging a couple of pieces of birthday cake on our way out the door, we headed back to my Dad’s house for a while.  I like to put Harlow in the car during a normal sleep time, so when we travel, I generally drive at 11am or 7pm so her schedule doesn’t get too screwed up.  One of my sisters and her family dropped by and she helped me take some photos of Harlow since she looked so pretty in her dress.

wpid-imag1900.jpg wpid-imag1881.jpg

We hung out for a while, everyone chatting, then sadly it was time for the weekend to be over and for us to head back home.  Chris had to work over the weekend, but he also scrubbed the house from top to bottom and did all the laundry.  I got a good one!


I hope your weekend was a wonderful!

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