Day 11 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Happy “Hump Day”!

Someone brought donuts in today.  I overheard one of my co-workers say, “If they’re cute, they don’t have calories, right?”  Sure, we’ll go with that.


Breakfast of Champions… or not.


Okay, on to the 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 11 – Proudest Moment
technically called “Most Proud Moment”, but that sounded awkward to me…

I haven’t had one overwhelming “Proud Moment” that comes to mind, but a lot of little ones.  Like when I made cheerleader for the first time (I was ridiculously shy and my sister basically made me try out.  Thanks, Jill!  You were SO right!).  Or when I was named Captain after that (it really brought me out of my shell!).  The awards I won for cheerleading.  Okay, a lot of cheerleading stuff.  Moving on from High School…


My best guy friend, Chuck, as “HHS Panther”


My first 5k.  Which, actually, was my best time to date.

Okay, this wasn’t my first 5k, but it was a fun one! Harlow was there but a very new secret!


Making it though labor and delivery.  Love you, Mr. Anesthesiologist!



And now, every time Harlow says, “Thank you!” when I give her something, or when she walks around to every child at daycare to wave and say “Bye!”, or when she blows kisses to everybody as we leave somewhere, it makes my heart just about explode.  She is my whole “Proudest Moment”.


2014-10-19 14.18.36-2


Any proud moments out there?  Tell!



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