Days 8, 9, & 10 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I just realized that I started this grouping, and completely forgot to finish/publish it!  So here goes…

Day 8 – Old Photo of me.  I feel like we’ve covered this… Moving on.

Day 9 – Piercings and Tattoos.  Again, sorry to be so boring, but I only have my ears pierced.  One in my left ear, two in my right.  Oi.  I would love to have my nose pierced, but have never gone through with it.  I actually had an appointment to get my tongue pierced in college, but it fell through and I’m so thankful I didn’t do that one!

Day 10 – First Celebrity Crush

I actually don’t remember a young celebrity crush, but the first I can remember is Ethan Hawke during his grunge phase.

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3 Responses to Days 8, 9, & 10 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Amy says:

    Was reading your interesting blog and came across your “31 Day Blog Challenge” and read about Day 9 when you said, “… I would love to have my nose pierced, but have never gone through with it.” I was the same way too having getting my nose pierced on my “30 things before 30” list. Instead of getting a tattoo, I got my nose pierced after putting wearing a diamond stud on the “top of my list!” It was something I wanted to do to feel sexy and attractive to my then fiancé at the time.

    In the past, it wasn’t something that I ever seriously considered, to be honest. I admired the girls that had a nose piercing, but didn’t think it was something that was for me. Every once in a while, I’d comment about it, or point it out to Rick. One day, I don’t even remember what I said, or how the subject came up, but Rick said, “You should go for it.”

    That got my wheels turning, and I immediately started listing off the reasons why I shouldn’t. I mean, I’m was a soon to be 30 year old woman and what would people think of me?! My life was nicely settled, and I’m a responsible adult who is content with my life. For some reason, though I don’t judge people who have a tasteful nose piercing, I thought that getting a piercing at this point in my life would raise eyebrows, and make people who know me have thoughts that I’m looking for some sort of adrenaline rush or like I needed something exciting to spice up my life. Would this look like a mid-life crisis thing? Lol.

    After I did, everyone loved it and my husband said he thought I really looked cute. Suddenly, I was unsure, but I started getting compliments on it and no negative opinions. Most importantly, I like it and it feels like me!

    I’ve still got a loooong way to go when it comes to feeling free to be however I like, but it feels like progress and crossing over the Rubicon of being 30, albeit now with my nose stud, I just a bit more sexy.

    I’d say if it is on your list at age 30, I’d do it now so your can enjoy for the next ten years and not wish you’d done is sooner. Looking back, I wished that I had done it sooner and enjoyed it for the past five years. You have a really cute nose and face so it would really suit you well. You’ll look fabulous.

    Write if you have an questions.


  2. Amy says:

    Appreciate your nice reply to my comment. Know you’d love putting a little sparkle in your nose. However, I have a lovely butterfly tattoo on my right ankle and my nose pierced. From experience, get the nose stud first (no worse than having your blood drawn) and then the tattoo later. Would be happy to send a photo of each if you want to see either or both.

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