Baby Tips/Needs – Part 3 – Things You NEED… or maybe not?

Things I thought were absolutely necessary that I’m ambivalent about now.

*This was written when Harlow was about 6 months old, as advice to my pregnant-at-the-time friend.  My own opinions.

Part 1

Part 2

PicMonkey Collage6


  • Baby Bullet. The actual blender. While I do use it every single time I make baby food, a food processor would be just as easy. HOWEVER I would still get the baby bullet storage containers and carriers. Those things are boss. We have around 30 of them and I always wish I had more. We also have two of the BB silicone freezer trays (LOVE) and one generic silicone freezer tray (also love, but doesn’t fit into the BB storage containers). *edit – Those little Baby Bullet storage containers crack like crazy, no matter how careful I was, and out of the zillion we had, only a few of them survived.  Stick with the silicone freezer trays.


  • Baby carriers.

PicMonkey Collage-22 I honestly just think this one is because Harlow isn’t into them. When she was a little bean, I used the Moby a lot with her and she loved cuddling in it and sleeping (pretty much the only time she slept!). After about two months, I have gotten almost no use out of them. We have the Moby (which is a huge pain to put on, but is pretty awesome once it is on) and the Chicco carrier (not overly impressed with this).

  • Breathable bumper.

    Before she even slept in the crib.

    I needed it.  It was on the crib until it was time for Harlow to go in the crib and has been folded up on a shelf since. Our doctor advised against using it and I never felt comfortable, safety-wise, using it.  Plus it is a pain in the tush to get on, and forget about changing the bedding without messing it all up and causing temper tantrums.

  •  Chris and I decided early on not to get a swing. We had a bouncy seat (which she never loved and really only went into when I needed someplace safe to put her while I did things like pack her bag in the morning or something) but she was often put in a swing at daycare, so Chris decided we needed one and went out and bought one. She used it about a half dozen times. Screaming the whole time… Don’t let the photo below fool you… she usually lasted about 8.7 minutes before being totally over the swing.


PicMonkey Collage 2

  • Video Camera. (Don’t tell Chris because he shelled out a pretty penny). We might use this later more (I hope!), but I have a small digital camera with video capabilities and, honestly, end up using my phone more than anything.   *edit – I’d include a link, but I honestly don’t even know what we have!  Oops!
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