HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! – Friday Favorites – Costumes


It’s Halloween, Ya’ll!  My favorite holiday of the year!!!



Rockin’ my Wicked shirt for work!


Today we’re going to take a trip down Halloween memory lane to see some of my more recent favorite Halloween costumes.  In college, I used to have two costumes a year… one for school, one for the party.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where some of those photos are, and there just aren’t any for a bunch of them.  So here are from the past 10 years or less:

Vampire (2008):



VampireLeprechaun (2010):


Old-Timey Witch (2011):

Then of course, my kids’ costumes:

Maggie (miss her so much!)



And of course, now my little Miss Harlow


I am so excited to get photos of her costume today at her daycare’s Halloween party!  🙂


I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Halloween!!!!



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2 Responses to HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! – Friday Favorites – Costumes

  1. Loooooove your daughter’s name! It’s on my top three for our next baby!

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