My First “Fix”, and Teething… equally disasterous.

My First “Fix”

I was so excited on Saturday when I opened the door to find my first StitchFix delivery!  That is, until I opened it.  I know a lot of people have a bad first “Fix”, so I’m definitely going to give it another go (December!!!), but it was pretty bad, ya’ll…

Don’t mind my messy bed, and please pretend in the following photos that I’ve washed my hair in the last several days…

Oooh, look at all the cute stuff sure to be in the box, right?


Um, no.


First up, the worst, the Pixley – Lyra 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Mini Chevron Tunic Dress.

I told the stylist that I’m still “lumpy” from eating donuts having a baby, and they sent me the absolute worst fabric for it.  Very thin, very clingy, and in a pattern sure to horrify.  Can you tell how enthused I was about this dress?  Ugh.  I forgot to keep the price list, but I think this one was $78.  To be fair, this would probably be adorable on someone who had a body like… well, my pre-baby one.  But, alas…

Orange Chevron Dress


Skies are Blue – Baron Sheer Sleeve V-Neck Blouse

This one I was ambivalent about until I saw the photo of me in it.  Yuck.  It has no shape.  Period.  I liked the color, and it had some interesting details, but it looked like a mumu on me and did nothing for my figure.  What’s with that High-Low bottom?  Plus, see that tag on the bottom right?  It stuck out!  Why?  Why would you put a tag there that flopped out.  I would have had to seam-rip it out and resew the edge.  No thank you!  $58.

  PicMonkey Collage Teal



41 Hawthorn – Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

This red one I liked okay.  The front wasn’t bad, but I hated the sleeves, and it was a little snug.  Especially in the chest (a first for me!) and in the tush (sadly, not a new thing…).  Also $58


Red Shirt



Liverpool – Collen Straight Leg Jean

This is the one that bugged me the most.  I have on my sizes that I’m a size 8 (which is generous, since I’m actually a snug 6 these days) and they sent me a 12!!!  Why would you send a pair of jeans TWO sizes BIGGER than indicated?  Which was too bad, because they were expensive for my cheap self, but I liked them and always need jeans.  $78



Pixley – Kaitland Spade Charm Long Necklace

This necklace was the only thing I ended up keeping.  Originally when I pulled it out, I dismissed it because I wanted clothes, not jewelry, but after everything else bombed so badly, I took a second look.  With the $20 styling fee that I would have lost anyway, the $36 necklace was only $16, so I kept it.  I actually really like it, too.  I think I will get a ton of use out of it.



And now on to:

Teething…The Curse.

The rest of the weekend was spent with a happy but gnawing baby during the day, and a Night of the Living Dead baby at night.  Last night I got about 4 hours of broken sleep.  Harlow is getting in two molars right now and it is… awful.  My poor girl.  We have only slept between 4 & 6 hours a night for the last week and a half.

The worst part is there isn’t a lot I can do about it.  I give her the “chew toys” (my doggie-mamma lingo) and the teething tablets and the Tylenol, but if all those fail… all I can do is cuddle her through the night.  Poor baby.

Chris had to work all day yesterday, but called to check in.  I told him how challenging our day had been (Harlow’s 11am nap ended up happening at 2pm, for only an hour of the normal two hours) and my sweet man brought me home a decalf Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  What a good husband.  🙂 It was seriously just what I needed.

We had some good times this weekend, too.  Harlow’s grandparents (my parents) sent her some goodies for Halloween, including a coloring book she LOVED.


Plus, I am happy she already likes heels… she is always walking around in my shoes.  These are her favorites.  Mine, too, actually!


While I’m not entirely convinced we’re going to make it through teething in one piece, everyone assures me that this is just another blip in time, like so many other milestones in life.


Anyone have any teething tips out there?  I’m desperate!


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