What I Did This Weekend – {10/31 – 11/2} Halloween

Happy Monday, Ya’ll…

I was so lucky on Friday to be able to go to Harlow’s Halloween party at her school (nice boss!).  We were planning on going trick-or-treating (just a little) but it was in the low 40’s and super windy and drizzly, so we stayed home and handed out candy all 15 of the trick-or-treaters we got.  *sigh*

You may recall the inspiration for Harlow’s costume was this:

DIY & Handmade: Hallowe'en Costumes For Toddlers


This was the final product… nailed it?  Maybe not, but still super cute!


Her tail was really droopy…oops!

IMG_6136  IMG_6137IMG_6154IMG_6156

The party at school was fun, but  I didn’t get many solo photos, so to protect privacy, here’s one of Harlow doing her favorite thing:  eating!


It was seriously adorable to see all the kiddos in their costumes, interacting, and eating Halloween-themed food, like the above Banana Ghost!  (Similar)


Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!


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