Baby Tips/Needs – Part 5 – This Not That (plus a Genius Tip!)

*This was written when Harlow was about 6 months old, as advice to my pregnant-at-the-time friend.  My own opinions.

Part 5


Jammies – I will never again buy a pair of zip-up jammies. Only the full snap-up jammies. Again, like with the wipe warmer… for middle of the night diaper changes, with the snap-open jammies you can expose only their bottom half. With the zip jammies, you basically have to get them naked, which wakes them up more and makes them cold.





Sleep Sacks vs Off Brand – Sleep Sacks zip from the top instead of the bottom like other brands. Again, awesome for middle of the night diaper changes. Also, they are a little bit “heftier” and roomier (height-wise) than the off brands.   They are pricier, but I firmly believe they are worth it. *I couldn’t find the “off brand” one we had, but they sold it at Babies R Us…





sleep blanket



Diapers – The only diapers I’ve liked for Harlow are the Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers.  I tried every kind of diaper out there, and those are the only ones she didn’t leak with and blowouts were not as bad. Even regular Pampers were horrible, in my opinion. She hasn’t had a blowout at home in ages, but still has them at daycare all. the. time. And I blame their diapers.






*Genius Tip*

Something I heard and didn’t really believe until I tried it… If your little one has a blowout… and she will… oh, she will… wash the clothing, and if the stain is still there, then put the stain out in the sun. It disappears! I had a ton of white clothes for Harlow last summer and she had a lot of blowouts. The sun made them all come out!  *Bonus: Though blowouts are thankfully a thing of the past, I still use this method for food stains!


While that is the end of my Baby Tips/Needs, I’m working one up for Toddler-hood, so stay tuned!


Please let me know if you have any questions!

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