Days 13 & 14 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 13: Favorite Quote

I have a bunch (I’ll only give you a handful…), so I’ll break them down.


Change Requires Change

It's a new day

Stressful Times:

This too shall pass,


My favorite quote.


John Lennon

Printable MARILYN MONROE Quote Artwork by JaydotCreative on Etsy

When I stand before God at the end of my life...

Pretty much everything HR says…

Henry RollinsExactly.  [Henry Rollins]


<3 shoes



Day 14 – What is in My Handbag?

Oi… this is going to be ugly…

Let’s see, shall we?


Doesn’t look too bad all closed up, does it?




Very front pocket:

Cell phone, camera battery & charger

First zip pocket:

Brush, deodorant, Clorox wipes, dental flossers, erm…feminine stuff, lipsticks (3), tissue pack, a bag with perfume, Neosporin, more floss, more lipstick (have I mentioned I don’t really wear lipstick that often?), and a memory stick

Big center part

Wallet w/checkbook, wallet w/change, the ever-present candy stash, pay stubs, sunglasses case, sunglasses… not in the case, random receipts, part of my Kindle charger, ghost keychain, card reader w/memory card still in it, a stray dollar bill (call me moneybags, yo! fyi, that is my only cash), and a sticky note from daycare from months ago (the person who wrote it hasn’t even worked there in months!)

Back zip pocket

Diapers, both regular and swim, a pack of disposable bibs, a completely squished baby cereal bar, another pack of Clorox wipes, and a pacifier case with a pacifier in it… which Harlow has never taken, and I haven’t even tried to give one to her in over a year.

Methinks it may be time to clean out the old bag-o-crap….but naaah.


Happy Wednesday!



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