OMG FRIDAY (favorite)!!!

I’m so happy it is Friday, you have no idea.  This week was a crazy-pants week and since I don’t have anything planned for the weekend, I’m hoping it will be nice and relaxing!

Today I only have one Friday Favorite!


Earlier in the week, I was browsing through my girl Janae’s blog, The Hungry Runner Girl, (fyi – she has no idea who I am…) and she asked what cereal we’d pick for our birthday.  I commented that my favorite was Count Chocula and I was bummed because it only comes out at Halloween and I missed it this year.

An awesome lady named Erin MacMillan replied to my comment that she happened to work at General Mills and could hook me up.  I was so geeked, emailed her my deets, and then sortof forgot about it.

Today I got yet another package at work, and opened it up expecting to find more sample submissions or office supplies.  Instead I found THIS:


THREE boxes of the good stuff!  Gah!!!  Thank you so much, Erin, & General Mills, for making my whole week (which I needed, because it has been a doozey)!


Crazy lil backstory:

When I was a wee one, Count Chocula was available all year round.  Aaaand because I was a little stinker, I refused to eat anything else.  For months.  Morning, noon, night.  Eventually other food made its way back in, and all was good.  When they started selling it only at Halloween, I’d always, always grab a box.  Last Halloween (2013) I was nursing Harlow and she had a dairy allergy, so I had to cut out everything with even a hint of dairy, so no CC for me!  So I was especially looking forward to this year, and then… womp, womp… I missed it.

SO!  You’d better believe I’m going to dig into a box of this chocolatey goodness as soon as I can get ahold of a bowl, spoon, and moo juice!  I feel like a kid again!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!



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