Day 15 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 15 – Timeline of my day.

Be prepared to be enthralled.  Mesmerized, even, because my life is one fascinating event after another!  I started to take photos to supplement this post, but… boring.


Sometime in this time-frame I generally hear a big cry over the baby monitor.  Go get bottle warmed up, stumble into Harlow’s room, feed her, and if I’m lucky, she goes right back down with no fuss.  Stumble back to bed.  Asleep before the blankets have stopped settling around me.


Chris gets up to make coffee.  I stumble into the kitchen in total zombie mode, and get Harlow’s food packed for the day.


Sneak into Harlow’s room to wake her up.  She loves being woken up from a dead sleep, having her clothes and diapers taken off in the chilly room and being shoved into a new diaper and non-warmed up clothes.  A lot.  It is never a struggle.     I may lie.


Harlow and I go to the kitchen where I plop her into her high chair for a morning snack.  She has breakfast proper at daycare around 8am, but I like to give her a snack.  Usually a pumped up smoothie, or some milk with a banana and puffs.


Bundle Harlow up, hand her over to her dad with lots of smooches.  After they are out the door, I clean up the kitchen a bit and go wake Abbey up to go outside.


Get ready for work.  Look at my closet for a long while, knowing nothing fits and I don’t like any of my clothes anymore, anyway.  Pull on something “work appropriate” which means I most likely found it on sale and though it makes me look like I’m approaching retirement age, it worked for “work”, so I bought it.  I make the fashion industry cringe.

Go run a straightener through my hair and swipe on my 3 minute makeup routine that I’ve used since I was 18 (can you say “beauty disaster”?).


Put Abbey in her cage and head to work.


Make breakfast while I go through my emails.  I don’t know how I always come into work to so many emails.  Eat while I tick off my emails one by one.  Fun fact: I hate having emails in my inbox.  I take care of them, then file them into a billion different folders.  If it is in my inbox, it means it hasn’t been taken care of yet.


Usually a snack or a walk, but I’ve really been missing both of those lately.  Time gets away from me these days.


More of the same.  Emails, phone calls, incoming packages, estimates, billing, blah, blah, blah.


Go home and let Abbey out and play with her in the yard for just a few minutes.  Usually I do “stuff” like unload the dishwasher, fold some laundry, tidy up this or that.  If I’m not doing “stuff”, I will make a quick lunch and plop down with something short on Netflix.  Lately it has been House Hunters.  Love that show.


work, work, work…



I drive to the daycare (usually running to the grocery store for a quick something on the way) to pick up Harlow.


When Harlow sees me, she runs up to me for a biiiig hug, then takes off.  I run around after her,  trying to get her in her coat.  She loves running from me when I pick her up.  It is her new game.  Suuuper fun for me, too.


Arrive home sometime in this time-frame, depending on after-work errands.


Harlow eats dinner.


Chris gets home and he and Harlow hang out while I clean up the kitchen from Harlow’s dinner.  Let Abbey out to do her b’ness.  Then I join them to play for a while.


Bath time!  I get all of Harlow’s night-routine stuff around while Chris attempts to occupy Harlow who turns into a total Mamma’s Girl right about that time.  Give Harlow a bath.


Bath is over, baby is in her jammies, with a fresh blankie in one hand and a teething ring in the other, belly full of milk and two or three books under her belt, and in the crib she goes.

I take a shower, and head out to the kitchen to get food around for tomorrow for Harlow to take to daycare.  Clean up the kitchen from Chris’s dinner if Chris hasn’t already.


Make something quick for myself to eat.  Usually either a grilled cheese and canned soup or frozen veggies and a Morningstar Farms “meat” of some kind.  Last night it was this, this, and this with pizza sauce for dipping.  Really good.  For once I’m not being sarcastic… it was delish.

Plop down on the couch to eat and Chris and I watch whatever our latest obsession is.  We just finished Sons Of Anarchy, season 6 on Netflix, and let me just say… WTF, GEMMA???  I’m so mad at her!!!  Ahem… anyway.  We’re going to pay for Season 7 because we just can’t be hanging for another year, and since 7 is the last season… well, it has to be done.

So… zone out in front of the TV while eating.  Quickly go clean up the kitchen from my dinner.

Let Abbey out for the final pee around 9:30pm.


Make sure I have a couple of bottles in the fridge and the water ready for the bottle warmer in anticipation of middle-of-the-night wakeup calls.


Read about .3% of a book chapter.  Crash.  Hard.  Sleeeeep.

Okay!!!  You can wake up now!


Now that you pity me and my super interesting days, tell me about your day!

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