What Abbey & I Did This Weekend – {11/8 – 11/9}

Happy Monday, ya’ll!  We’re starting another week, nice and fresh!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Due to a lack of plans and teething issues (f.u., teething) we had a very boring low-key couple of days, so I’ll give you a brief recap of my weekend, then I’ll pass it over to Abbey as a day-in-the-life guest poster.

Saturday morning, Harlow woke up early for a weekend; around 6am.  I tried to bring her back to bed with me, but she was having none of it, so we got up before the sun.  She was pretty crabtastic (f.u., teething) off and on throughout the day and only had about an hour nap.  We basically just ran to get groceries, then hung around the house all day.  Sunday morning, she woke up at 5:30am and was UP for the whole day… as in NO nap.


What’s this “nap” you speak of? Nawww, I’m good…


Then last night, she woke up at 10pm and I was up with her until I stumbled back into my bed at around 1am.  Yaaaay!  She has been working on the same two molars now for weeks and I’m so sad that they are hurting her so much.  I have topicals, teething tablets, baby Tylenol, teething rings… all the “T’s”, but it barely seems to help.  I guess we just have to rely on the last “T”… time.



My brain is fried, so Abbey has graciously offered to give you a run-down of her Sunday so I can go zone out.  Here she is!


Hiiii!  I’m Monica’s first-born, now-neglected, puppy-baby.  Since Mom’s a little out of her mind these days, I figured I would tell you all about my Sunday!

First off, we got up too friggin’ early due to the little loud one’s teeth, so I tried to just laze on the couch and watch the squirrels.  I swear, when I was teething, I didn’t make such a fuss!  I just chewed on my Chilly Bone and got through it!  Not that it makes me a better kid or anything… ittotallydoes…   *I’m not jealous*



Who says I’m destroying the couch? I’m just making it fluffier!


The little loud one had an important call to make, though, and I ended up eavesdropping.  You never know when she could be planning a surprise for me!  I’d love a shipment of chase-able squirrels, kid!



Thanks for only getting my leg in the shot, Mom. I was smiling and everything!


After that, I thought it was breakfast time, but after hanging out waaaay too long waiting for a dropped treat, I realized the little loud one was just coloring.  A waste of time and high chair space, in my opinion!



What gives? I need some eats!


Back to sleep I go.



I haven’t wrecked the chair cushion, yet… better work on that.


Wait… did I hear Mom making breakfast???  It’s GO TIME!  Ugh… she’s still not dropping any food.  Fine.  I’ll use this time to entice Mom into a game of tug!



Oh! She’s so going to drop that tasty morsel! Bummer… false alarm.


It worked!


Grrr, growl, snarl, and such! Tough dog noises!

Grrr, growl, snarl, and such! Tough dog noises!


All that tugging wore me out!  I need a nap!  The little loud one has other plans for me, though…  Actually, sure!  Some imaginary tea sounds tasty!  Thank you!


Sip, sip, sip

Sip, sip, sip

*snort, snore*  Whaaa?  Oh, I must have fallen asleep!  Oooh, Mom’s bundling the little loud one up!  Maybe we’re going outside?  Or for a walk?  YES!  She grabbed my harness!  I can’t contain myself!  I know she loves it when I let her know how excited I am by jumping on her repeatedly!



I’m shivering, Mom… it is really time to start putting my winter coat on, don’tcha think?


Super score!  Dad’s working in the yard and Mom is going to help so we get to stay outside!






Okay, Mom keeps yelling at me for going into the garden looking for the mole that is living in there, and the little loud one keeps taking her hat and gloves off and opening the gate, so we have to go back inside.  But we’ve only been out for an hour!  Darn it!

Ooooh, dinner time!  Okay, maybe I like this little loud one after all. I mean, she feeds me, even though Mom tells her not to! She can’t be all bad!




Time to go play with the castle!  The little loud one is back on the phone, and Mom is sitting on the floor!  Perfect time to play!



Squirrel department, please?


Hey, Mom, I see that your hands are full trying to take a picture of the little loud one, so let me help out and put my toy in them for ya!  Here you go!



I’m a blur of AWESOME!


Sure, little loud one.  I’ll play princesses with you.  Oooh, what did you get on your elbow?




Okay, the little loud one is getting huggy…




Nope!  Just… nope.  But I’ll give you a smooch!  We obviously have different love languages.




Fine… I’ll just sit by you for a while instead.  Nobody said I can’t compromise.




7pm!  Time for Mom to go put the little loud one to bed!  After that, I get her lap all to myself!  We’ll watch some TV then I’ll stare at Mom until she gets the hint and goes to bed.




Well, folks, that’s my Sunday!  Hope you enjoyed my guest post!


How was everyone’s weekend?  Tell me something GOOD that happened!

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