What I Did This Weekend {11/14 – 11/16}

I’m starting off on Friday, because I had lunch with one of my very best friends, Lis.

We cleared out the food at Q’doba.  They had to close down after we left to restock.  Seriously.  Okay, not seriously…

However, I do seriously love this girl.



Note all the empty plates in the back… so full.


Saturday I left Harlow for the first time (for more than a couple of hours, or for work) and spent the day shopping in Grand Rapids with my sister!  It was so much fun, and I got a really good start on my Christmas shopping!



Sunday started off with Abbey trying to get under the bed covers after I got up, and failing… Then making the best of it.




We hung out as a family until naptime, and then I sent Chris to go get Harlow a table that I decided that morning that she needed.  Yes, it is before Christmas.  No, it does not count as a Christmas present.  Yes, we are those kind of parents…  She’s likely going to be an only child… she’s going to be spoiled.  Sorry, not sorry…



She loves it and kept pointing to the other chairs and saying, “Mommy sit!  Daddy sit!  Abbey sit!”.  It was adorable.


After that, Abbey got in some Mommy time.



Then we watched Sons of Anarchy and went to bed.

Can I just say… we don’t have cable, so we had watched SOA on Netflix until we ran out of Season 6, and it ended on that total crazy cliffhanger/big ending!  So we have been buying Season 7 episodes on Amazon to watch at night.  We just ran out of the available ones on there, too, and as luck would have it, that one ended on a crazy cliffhanger, too!  So now I’m DYING to see the rest!  This season has been insane!  I’m glad it is the last, or they wouldn’t have much of a show anymore, if ya know what I’m saying.  I also think it is funny all the celebrities who are on it lately…  Namely Courtney Love & Marilyn Manson…  Makes it interesting, but a little distracting.




Anyway, I hope the weekend was good for everyone!


Any other SOA fans out there?

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