Days 18 & 19 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

These two are not very fun, so I’ll lump them together and move on for the sake of finishing something!

Day 18 – What Am I Afraid Of?

Easy.  Everything.  Haha.  Seriously… I’m a crazy-worrier.  A short sampling…

  • Fire – growing up the daughter of a fire-fighter has made me insanely nervous about all things flammable.

Cartoons by Luckovich

  • Flying – I know this is a common fear, though.
  • Death – Not the actual dying… I’m a Christian and believe that there is life after death.  What I’m afraid of is others dying and leaving me, and of my leaving them.  Especially Chris and Harlow.
  • Not realizing my career aspirations.  I really want to make my career dreams a reality, (not to mention not wasting a college education!), but sometimes life just flows despite you.  As Queen Latifah’s character in Last Holiday, Georgia Byrd says:


Four’s enough, right?  Right…


Day 19 – My Worst Habits

This is a hard one, because people don’t really notice their own worst habits, do they?  I don’t smoke, I no longer bite my nails like I did in high school…  Let me try…

  • I don’t work out.  This is a biggie that I really wish wasn’t on here.  I miss it so much!
  • I make piles… and leave them.  I have piles and piles of papers and stuff that I never get around to taking care of.  Once it gets bad enough to really bug me, I’ll go on a mad organizing spree and take care of it all, but it always seems to build back up again.  Junk mail & Harlow’s daily daycare activity sheets are the worst offenders.

Yup, this looks like my house…

  • Not changing my contacts often enough.  I wear two-week disposables, and I often at least double that.  It is a terrible habit, and I know I shouldn’t do it!
  • I’m constantly touching my face.  It is terrible for my skin, I’m sure, but I rub my eyes, etc…
  • I spend a lot on silly things, but don’t spend money on things I actually need.  For example… for our October Mommy Group, I spent a lot of money on pumpkin decorating supplies, which we didn’t even use, but would have a hard time spending that same amount of money on, say, new clothes for myself.  It is ridiculous.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got, since I’ve been dealing with a crazy work week & a sick baby (more later…)


Tomorrow’s Friday, so all’s well!

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