Four Fact Friday {11/21}

1).  I have a 19 month going on 19 year old!  For the last couple of days, she’s insisted on picking out her own clothes or accessories… isn’t it a little soon for that behavior?  Maybe I have a future fashionista on my hands!


wpid-imag2379-1.jpg The flash is no bueno…

2).  Wednesday, I got a call from Harlow’s daycare saying she had a 104 temperature.  I was in the thick of running classes at my work, but hearing that number I practically ran out the door in a panic, calling her doctor on the way.  When I got there, they told me it was 100.4, so I don’t know if I misheard or if they misspoke, but it was a huge relief…

However, had I known it was such a low-grade fever, I probably wouldn’t have made the doctor’s appointment, but since I did, we went anyway.  Luckily we did, because little miss had another ear infection!  I don’t know if the teething symptoms masked the ear infection symptoms or what, but she didn’t show her normal signs of ear infection, so I’m really thankful the misunderstanding got us to the doctor!

We spent the rest of the day cuddling and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


Doctor’s office selfie…


Abbey Photo Bomb!


 3).  While buying munchies for the class I ran this week, I came across these gems… they are delectable!  So, so delicious.


 4). Tomorrow is November’s Mommy Group!  I’m really excited because we are meeting at a Christmas Carnival!  I honestly have no idea what to expect, but an area Montessori school is involved somehow, and two of our babies go there, and one of our moms is a teacher there.  It should be fun, and I’m looking forward to it!  Assuming we can go at all… this crazy MI weather is calling for freezing rain in the morning… ugh.

Rumor has it this guy and his boss will be there!


I hope you all have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

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