What I Did This Weekend – {11/21 – 11/24}

Oh, what a weekend!  Filled with highs and lows…

Friday, when we got home from work/daycare, Harlow’s new boots (to leave at daycare) had arrived and she was soooo excited!  This girl lurves her boots!


wpid-imag2388.jpg Deeze ah mah bootz…


Saturday was Mommy Group, and it was… fun?  But, overwhelming, and overstimulating.  We only hung on for about an hour, and it was a very squirmy hour, but overall, it is always a great time to get together with my Mommy friends and get the babies together, too!


Festive Reindeer Shirt…


Mommy & Harlow on the train ride…which you totally can’t see.


Is there anything cuter than baby friends holding hands?


Harlow “threw” a ball in the bucket and won a prize! Her first carnival game!


We got home and hit the hay… hard.  Looong nap for Harlow and Mommy!  Then it was time for my girlie-girl to play dressup.


I tried the hand-me-down Christmas dress on her, and it was too small to button up, but she would NOT take it off.   Add Minnie Mouse accessories, and she was ready for a party!


Sunday was a low key day.  Mostly Harlow & I hung out until after nap, then went shopping for a couple of things while Chris HUNG UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!  Let me just say, I haven’t had outdoor Christmas lights since before moving out of my Dad’s house a hundred years ago, so I’m a tad excited.  Our last house didn’t have outdoor outlets, and the last two years at this house, we just didn’t really think to do it… oops.


So… Shopping.  I bought this sweater and a long “leggings t-shirt” to wear for a comfy Thanksgiving Day outfit.  Not sure which way to wear it, yet, though…  I really like it long & crisscrossed.

DKNY Sweater

Which brings us to today.  Harlow woke up at 3:30am and was AWAKE.  I’m saying, taking toys out of her toy basket (in the dark) and talking up a storm kind of awake.  I tried putting her back in her crib unsuccessfully twice, taking her to bed with me unsuccessfully once, and finally, we fell asleep on the floor together with her Boppy as a pillow, surrounded by toys, and a blanket about 1/2 hour before the alarm went off…  I’m a groggy mommy, let me tell you.  Let me also tell you that I felt horrible having to wake Harlow up, and that she was NOT a happy camper.


I’m so excited about the short work week and going to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving!

Happy Monday!

Anything fun or festive happen this weekend?

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