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Four Fun Things (About Me!)

This is blatantly stolen from Courtney, but after my last post, I needed something fun and silly! Four names that people call me other than my real name: Mook/Mookie/Mookers Mama/Mommy Honey/Dear Mo   Four jobs I’ve had: Grocery store cashier … Continue reading

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Warning!  This is a sort of personal, very downer topic, and I’m leery to even post it, but it has just been something that’s been weighing on my mind, so feel free to skip, and I’ll be back with happier, … Continue reading

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Being Sick for the 1,478,43q,rs9,3sl,k78th time since having a kid…

Before being a mom, I got a cold once or twice a year.  Since having Harlow, or even when I was pregnant with her, sometimes I feel like I’m sick more than I’m healthy.  I currently have finally caught her … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend {11/14 – 11/16}

I’m starting off on Friday, because I had lunch with one of my very best friends, Lis. We cleared out the food at Q’doba.  They had to close down after we left to restock.  Seriously.  Okay, not seriously… However, I … Continue reading

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Four Fact Friday

  Fact One I’m on the hunt for flameless scented candles for home and office.  I don’t know if they exist, but I’m hoping!   I’m ready to smell pumpkin and pine for the holiday season, but I’m leery of open … Continue reading

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Three Word Thursday

Couple of leaves.   Winter gear’s out.   Happiness on bagel. Helps Starbucks Addiction.

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Teething is the new Labor & Days 16 & 17 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I’m convinced that teething is the new consequence for women for Eve & the apple incident.  Epidurals took the punishment out of labor, and there is just nothing you can really do about teething…  last night I was up roughly … Continue reading

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