20 Months

Harlow turned 20 months old a couple of days before Thanksgiving.


I don’t even know where to begin.  Maybe that’s why I totally blew past a 19 month update… life is such a whirlwind of new and improved experiences with my girl.  Plus, at some point, I have to cut out the monthly updates… right?  I’ll probably move to three a year at this point.  For now, though…

Harlow is doing amazingly well.  We recently had a parent/teacher conference at her school, and her teacher basically came out saying she’s the smartest, cutest, most awesome kid she’s ever seen, and that Harlow is her favorite.  I’m only very slightly exaggerating, actually.  She said Harlow is well liked, and even has a little bodyguard.  If another child takes something from Harlow, her little friend will go over to them, tell them “no, no”, and take it back to Harlow.

Vocabulary is insane these days.  She astounds me every single day with words and even SENTENCES (two & three words) that she comes up with.  She can recognize and say almost all the animals… even possum!  Her memory is fantastic.

She runs, jumps, can do somersaults, climbs, stretches high, brushes her teeth… so very active and energetic.

She’s very decisive in what she likes and wants suddenly.  Clothes, toys, even teething rings.  She picks them all out, and if she gets the wrong one (like if mom picks it out) she will rectify the situation.


She didn’t want the boots… so the boots came off.

She has been (sort of) sleeping through the night.  We’ve had a few nights up, but for the last month or two, she’s been pretty much sleeping through the night.  Awesome for this mommy.

She is such a happy and loving girl and I could not be more proud to be her mom.

Now if only I could get her to leave daycare within 20 minutes of picking her up instead of chasing her around with her coat…  hmmm…

I honestly don’t feel as if I’ve even scratched the surface of how awesome Harlow is, and what a fantastic and fun and fascinating age she’s at.  It is truly spectacular.

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