Days 23 (thru 31) – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 23 – Pet Peeves

Oh, man… this can get ugly.

  • People who call and the first thing they say is “How are you doing today?” before they say who they are or anything.
  • People who can’t park.
  • Let’s just say… almost everything to do with people and vehicles.

  • When my earbuds get ripped out of my ears.
  • When I accidentally hit “stop” on the treadmill during a run (obviously these last two are from my past, since I haven’t been on poor Tready for well over a year…)
  • Littering… especially cigarette butts.  How incredibly disrespectful.

You know?  This is very negative… and looking through the remaining Days, I don’t like the tone of some of them, and some I’ve already done or…


Basically, I’m going to cheat and be done with this…  at least I’m finishing it, right?


The remaining days are:

Day 24 – A difficult time in my life

I like to keep it light here.  Yes, we have all gone through difficult times.  I’m not exempt from that.  I’ve lost loved ones to death and circumstance.  I’ve had identity crises, self-doubt, health scares…  The thing is… it all passes.  Looking back, those times are just far off potholes in an otherwise pretty great road.  Difficult times are just that; difficult times.  So I’m not going to go into any one time, but just say, life is glorious with all its ups, downs, and imperfections.

Day 25 – Best physical features

This one makes me uncomfortable.  I’m not good at complimenting myself. People have  always complimented my eyes and smile, though.

I think something I’ve been loving lately, though, is my laugh lines.  I’ve been noticing some crinkles around my eyes, and I love it because it means I’ve spent so much of my life laughing and smiling.

Day 26 – 5 favorite blogs

I did this one as a Friday Favorite a while back.

Day 27 – What makes me feel better, always

A good night of sleep.  No matter how bad things seem at the end of a day, everything seems altered and so much smaller and less important in the morning.

Honorable mentions: a nice cup of fancy coffee, shaking my tush to fun music around the house, singing in the car, hanging out with my daughter, a good sweat session (really miss those!), venting to a friend or family member.

Day 28 – Last time I cried

I cry all the time.  Not, like, sobs (I actually can’t remember the last actual real cry I had… Maybe during a hard, sleep-deprived day during one of Harlow’s first months of life?), but far too many commercials, movies, TV episodes… pretty much every news story… leave my eyes watering and my nose tingling.  It actually is a joke with Chris and me.  If, say, someone on a TV show has a sweet moment or dies or something, Chris will look at me and my sniffling, and watery eyes, and I’ll say, “This is so stupid!” and we’ll laugh.  Okay, it is funnier than it sounds, trust me.  😉

Day 29 – Top things on my bucket list

I started one on my Pinterest Board a while back.  Check it out!

Day 30 – Favorite comfort food

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup – the ones made by my sister, Jill.  Hers are the best.

Day 31 – Weird quirk of mine

Okay, this is embarrassing…  I say goodbye to my house.  Every time I leave it.  I’m not sure why…



Are you all proud of me???


Read past days here.


Have a great day!

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