Random Weekend, Monday, Etc…

Ready for some random-ness straight from my phone photos?


The weekend weather was so nice, we got TWO neighborhood walks in!  It was awesome.


However, the weekend “sleep” situation was not.  The middle-of-the-night parties and nap boycotts were exhausting.


Cuddle time with my girls made it all worth it, though.


Harlow ate an apple “whole” instead of in the teeny-tiny-unchokeable-neurotic-mamma pieces I normally give her.  She did great!


Monday she wore another Christmas-themed outfit to school.  I love that she’s waving.


Mamma needed a Peppermint jolt after the sleep-deprived weekend…  FULL caffeine, thankyouverymuch.


Harlow insisted on wearing her hat at dinner & slurped her mango straight from the cup.

wpid-imag2548.jpg wpid-imag2554_burst005.jpg

Then, today, Harlow wore her first French Braid!  Not a complete success, but not bad!

wpid-imag2556.jpg Her hair’s just so slippery!


The rest of the weekend was a lot of hanging out, grocery shopping, and playing.

Oh, and we took photos for our Christmas Card!  I’ll share with you when they are done and sent out!

There, now you’re all caught up!  You’re welcome.


Have a great Tuesday!

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2 Responses to Random Weekend, Monday, Etc…

  1. carla says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a fab few days!

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